Haibo Lu

In his first quarter, Haibo was a teaching assistant for Chicago Booth’s inaugural sports analytics class. Before he came to Chicago, Haibo worked with the Shanghai Sharks, a professional basketball team in China, where he was initially exposed to the power of Booth’s data-driven approach to business. Professor John Huizinga was Yao Ming’s agent at the time, and he showed Haibo how fundamentals rooted in calculable statistics can lead to predictable outcomes in any situation, even a basketball game.


Hangzhou, China / Lansdale, Pennsylvania

Undergraduate Degree

Harvard University
BA - Economics

Before Booth

Shanghai Sharks/Chinese National Team
Applied Quantitative Research Capital Management Inc.




General Management

Student Groups

Media, Entertainment, and Sports Group
LEAD facilitator
Basketball Club
Greater China Club

Haibo personal video thumbnail
Using analytics to streamline a pro sports team is one for the Chicago Booth playbook
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The importance of self-awareness is an essential lesson of LEAD
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Experience the impact of collecting and analyzing data to test a hypothesis in real-world settings
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Models learned in class can be applied to every situation, including NBA stats