Alumni Network

Wherever you go from here, you’ll find a vibrant Chicago Booth network. With permanent campuses on three continents and more than 46,000 alumni in 116 countries, your network is as broad as your outreach.

Our alumni hail from every industry and inhabitable continent. And they’re active with Booth. They engage in admissions events, student treks, roundtable discussions, and serve as speakers at events such as Chicago Conversations.

These men and women are among some of the most accomplished leaders in business. More than 5,200 Chicago Booth alumni are business owners, CEOs, or top officers in firms worldwide. They represent the best of the business world, as well they should. Their Chicago Booth MBA prepared them to think through unique problems, make decisions, and lead.

Here are examples of what a few Chicago Booth alumni are doing with their degrees. Imagine what you could do with yours.

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