About the Conference

The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship at Chicago Booth launched the Exploring Entrepreneurship Series in 2006 as part of the Donald W. Hamer, '58 Small Business Initiative to examine specific industries that are key to the economic growth of the region. Through this program students, faculty, and members of the industry are brought together to study both the challenges and opportunities facing an industry’s ability to grow and maintain leadership. Our focus in 2009 is on the food industry in Chicago.

The first part of this six-month initiative includes the conference on April 13th, which will explore the trends and opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurial ventures in the Chicago food industry. A follow-on White Paper will include insights and recommendations from the conference proceedings as well as research conducted by students and faculty that highlights the issues facing this vibrant industry in the context of the global economy.

We can no longer look at economic development in a regional or national context. Chicago is part of a global economic community and our future depends on growing core industries that have preeminence in the world economy. Chicago has always been known as leader in the food industry. We hope that the information and recommendations that emerge from the Exploring Entrepreneurship Series will help sustain and further enhance this global reputation.

Last Updated 5/14/09