Faculty & Research

Christopher Ryan

Christopher Thomas Ryan

Associate Professor of Operations Management

Chris studies the theory of optimization (including infinite-dimensional, discrete, and stochastic) with applications to theoretical economics (contract theory, game theory, and mechanism design), decision problems in the digital economy (particularly video games and apps), and healthcare operations management.

Chris earned two degrees from the University of British Columbia. In 2005 he received a BA in mathematics, and in 2010 a PhD from the Sauder School of Business. He joined Booth in 2010.


Other Interests

Community development, grassroots education.


With A. X. Jiang and K. Leyton-Brown, "Computing pure strategy Nash equilibria in symmetric games," Proceedings of EC’10: ACM Symposium of Electronic Commerce (2010).

With M. K ¨oppe and M. Queyranne, "Parametric integer programming algorithm for bilevel mixed integer programs" Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications (2010).

With M. K ¨oppe and M. Queyranne, "Rational generating functions and integer programming games," Operations Research (2011).