Faculty & Research

Richard Jenkins

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Economics

Address :
5807 South Woodlawn Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637

Richard Jenkins has 20 years of experience with organized labor, ranging from initial organization efforts to contract negotiations. Major airline employers include Southwest Airlines, where he was appointed to the unique "Companywide Culture Committee" and JetBlue Airways, where he was employee number 177. His research interests include the application of the Booth quantitative framework to union membership sentiment measurement through the use of statistical sampling and surveying.

Jenkins headed the strategic arm of the Southwest Airlines Pilot Association, a powerful transportation union. During his five-year tenure, he assisted in the facilitation of the merger between two public companies (LUV/AAI) and the resultant workforce seniority integration which was completed without requiring union-forced arbitration. He testified before the Department of Justice Anti-trust division regarding the projected competitive effects of the Southwest Airlines/AirTran Airways merger.

Jenkins received his MBA with honors from the University of Chicago, where his team placed second in the Polsky New Venture Challenge. He participated in the Private Equity Lab at the venture capital firm Arch Development Partners, concentrating on the commercialization of university research. He served on the Booth admissions committee for five years.

In 1992 as a biomedical entrepreneur, Jenkins founded Electrogram, a biomedical data firm which serves cardiac device developers. He co-founded Ann Arbor Biomedical, a cardiac device test developer that received a National Institute of Health (NIH) innovation phase I grant and he currently serves as an investor and board member of Cardioalarm, which also received phase I and phase II NIH grants to develop a subcutaneous arrhythmia monitor.

Jenkins is an active investor in startup ventures and commercial real estate. He holds a patent on the design and testing of implantable cardioverter devices.


2016 - 2017 Course Schedule

Number Name Quarter
33303 Managing in a Regulated Environment 2017 (Summer)

2003  Journal of Electrocardiology  Arrhythmia Database for Algorithm Testing:  Surface Leads plus Intracardiac Leads for Validation
2001 US Patent:  Design of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator and Testing Device
1998 Journal of Electrocardiology: A Testing System for Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators