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Pingyang Gao

Associate Professor of Accounting

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5807 South Woodlawn Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637

Pingyang Gao studies disclosure regulation, accounting standards setting, incentive and contracting, and equity valuation. He has taught MBA- and PhD-level courses at Yale University and lectured in the China Professional Manager Qualification Program.

Gao's paper, "Keynesian Beauty Contest, Accounting Disclosure, and Market Efficiency," which won the Best Paper Award of 2007 AAA Northeast Regional Meeting, is published in Journal of Accounting Research. Another paper, "Disclosure Quality, Cost of Capital, and Investors' Welfare," published in The Accounting Review, was the recipient of 2008 American Accounting Association Competitive Manuscript Award. Gao's publications also include two books in Chinese, Financial Statement Analysis for Non-Accountants and Practical Accounting English. In addition, he has received several honors, including the Edward Alexander Bouchet Graduate Honor Society membership and the Deloitte & Touche Foundation Doctoral Fellowship.

"Having witnessed and experienced the market-oriented reform in China in the past three decades, I believe that better understanding of market behaviors and public policies could profoundly improve many people's welfare. I hope my research could contribute to our deeper appreciation of market mechanism and public policies."

Gao has presented his research at various conferences and university workshops. He is a member of the AAA, AFA, AEA, and CAPANA. He is also an inactive CPA in China.

Gao earned a bachelor's degree in accounting in 2002 from Renmin University of China, a master's degree in finance in 2004 from Peking University, and a PhD in accounting in 2008 from Yale University. Gao joined the Chicago Booth faculty in 2008.

His hobbies and interests include reading, running, and Chinese bridge.


2014 - 2015 Course Schedule

Number Name Quarter
30000 Financial Accounting 2015 (Spring)

Other Interests

Reading, running, Chinese bridge.


Research Activities

Disclosure regulation; accounting standards setting; incentive and contracting; equity valuation.

"Keynesian Beauty Contest, Accounting Disclosure, and Market Efficiency," Journal of Accounting Research (2008).

"Disclosure Quality, Cost of Capital, and Investors' Welfare" The Accounting Review (2010)

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