New Program Coming In 2023

The Executive Product Marketing Program

Data-driven marketing strategies to innovate products, optimize revenue, and accelerate sales.

The economy has changed post-pandemic along with consumer behavior. As a result, for many companies, the improvement of pricing strategy is a main strategic goal — and challenge.

Many companies struggle with the same basic questions. How do we formulate a pricing strategy? Which data and methods should we be using to make pricing decisions? In practice, many firms use ad hoc "rules of thumb" for pricing—which comes at a substantial cost to profitability.

The advent of rich marketing data and analytic tools has brought advances in pricing strategy, that bring the potential to transform your firm's profitability and ability to compete in the  marketplace. This program blends marketing analytic frameworks, marketing strategy microeconomic theory, and data to formulate actionable pricing strategies.

You'll discover how to:

  • Use analytical tools to assess the value of your pricing decisions
  • Develop a customer-centric approach to pricing: aligning pricing with consumers' perceived value and underlying willingness-to-pay
  • Coordinate pricing decisions with the rest of the marketing value proposition, and delegate pricing responsibility within the organization
  • Monetize new products with competitive pricing strategies – serving as a growth lever to optimize revenue opportunities

This program is valuable for mid- to senior-level executives who analyze, recommend, or approve pricing decisions. It is especially valuable for marketing, finance, and sales executives who are introducing new products, facing significant price competition, or failing to achieve prices that reflect the value they deliver.

This program is valuable for a wide range of industries with different pricing models.

Titles include: CEO, president, COO, CFO, director of business development, director of marketing and sales, director of pricing, director of revenue management, director of purchasing, senior product manager, and pricing manager.

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