Executive Education

The Accelerated Development Program – Singapore

Develop critical business understanding and leadership skills over three non-consecutive weeks on our Singapore campus.

As an executive ready to take that next step in your career, you need access to the latest thinking and tools to competitively position yourself and your business—for today and for the future. You also need to focus on daily operations. How do you gain the critical insight you need without taking too much time away from work?

The Accelerated Development Program offers a powerful solution: maximum exposure to key business concepts and strategies in an intensive format over three months, with one week a month on campus. The modular format means you can apply the new knowledge to the workplace in real time as the program progresses.

The Classroom Advantage

You will learn general management essentials from world-renowned faculty at one of the world’s most prestigious and highly acclaimed business schools. Participants also learn from each other. From the first session, you will have the opportunity to apply new concepts to your company’s challenges and then confer with the professors and your peers about the results at later sessions. ADP provides a forum to share business problems and craft solutions, to learn the necessary skills to address whatever issue may arise.

By attending this program, you will:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding and gain insight into the critical functional areas within a company.
  • Learn how to manage across functional areas and lead cross-functional teams.
  • Strengthen strategic decision-making skills and enhance strategic thinking.
  • Build and learn to shape organizational culture and structures that create value.
  • Network and establish long-term relationships with key executives from other organizations.
  • Learn strategic tools and techniques to manage future growth.
  • Position yourself to take on more strategic, general management roles.
  • Gain greater self-awareness and understanding of how you work with others.
  • Develop a personal leadership plan with the help of a professional coach.

Chicago Booth, National Library Building, Singapore

For inquiries, contact us at +1.312.464.8732 or exec.ed@ChicagoBooth.edu.

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Dean Alderucci

Adjunct Professor of Strategic Management

Dean Alderucci teaches Innovation Strategy, serves as faculty advisor to the Innovation Group at Chicago Booth, and is an innovation consultant. Attorney Alderucci is a registered patent attorney and an inventor on more than 160 granted and 250 pending US patents. His research focuses on relatively unexplored areas at the intersection of inventing and operations.

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Susan Lucia Annunzio

President and Chief Executive Officer

Susan Lucia Annunzio is President and Chief Executive Officer of The Center for High Performance (CfHP). She is a strategic advisor to CEOs of leading global companies on strategy attainment and business transformation.

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Philip G. Berger

Wallman Family Professor of Accounting; Deputy Dean for the Part-Time MBA Programs

Phil Berger is Deputy Dean for Part-Time MBA Programs and Wallman Family Professor of Accounting at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He previously served on the faculty of The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (1991-2002) and also served as a visiting associate professor at MIT's Sloan School of Management (1998-99).

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Sanjay K. Dhar

James H. Lorie Professor of Marketing

Sanjay Dhar has been a Chicago faculty member since 1992. Many sources have recognized Professor Dhar for his excellence in teaching.

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Ram Shivakumar

Clinical Professor of Economics and Strategy

Ram Shivakumar specializes in industrial organization, financial economics, and corporate strategy. His research has appeared in the Journal of International Economics, the Canadian Journal of Economics, and the Journal of Industrial Economics.

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Douglas J. Skinner

Eric J. Gleacher Distinguished Service Professor of Accounting

Douglas Skinner is a leading expert in corporate disclosure practices, corporate financial reporting, and corporate finance, with a focus on payout policy.

ADP provides the latest international research and critical thinking in key business areas for both senior and C-suite managers. The course is delivered in a comfortable and friendly learning environment by world-class professors with the key outcome of developing both critical and analytical thinking skills of participants so that they can influence the profitability of businesses into the future.

— Adrian Leach, CEO, Chartair (Australia)

ADP was exciting and motivated me to create new ideas and action plans for improving the performance of my organization. The modular structure of the program works well for my busy schedule and each module is very well designed and practical. The highly experienced professors are all from Chicago and facilitate discussions with peers in the classroom that take you to another level. As an engineer, ADP has allowed me to look into myself and my organization from valuable, multiple perspectives.

— Katsuya Arai, Director/Chief Technology Officer, High-Tech Lubricants AP Ptd, Ltd., Singapore

The challenges faced by many executives can be overwhelming amid our fast-paced and ever-changing business environments. I feel the ADP program is a great way to equip and refresh those managers who are looking to take on the next big step or challenge in his or her career. The program modules were well-selected, relevant, and up-to-date, which allowed me to apply what I have learned, in both my workplace and in real business situations. The diverse industry and geographic backgrounds of the participants were also key factors that attracted me to the program, not to mention the world-renowned professors teaching it.

— Gilbert Lee, Managing Director, Periscope (Hong Kong)

The modular structure of the program works very well for busy executives as it allows us to gain critical and practical insights without too much disruption to our work schedules. The ADP network has also provided participants the opportunity to build and establish long-term and expanded relationships with professionals from both international and diverse industries. As an HR professional, I gained a considerable amount of strategic leadership and business insights from ADP, which provided me with new perspectives at work and greatly enhanced my strategic thinking and decision-making skills.

— Amy Tan, Senior Vice President/Group Human Resource, United Overseas Bank Limited (Singapore)

ADP is one of the most highly-interactive and well-structured programs which I have experienced so far. It offers a global perspective with case studies providing real-world learning and great practical experience. The professors are committed to educating strategic leaders, through cutting-edge and rigorous content that are relevant to business practice. In addition, the diversity of nationalities in the group has allowed us to build a globally distributed network and yet close community. My expanded network as a result of ADP will be valuable for my business and career.

— Kane Neo, Director, Singapore Power, Singapore

ADP provided a great combination of world-class content from expert professors, as well as the opportunity to develop a global network of successful executives. With the former, I learned the importance of communication and the power of storytelling. In addition, the financial knowledge I came away with has already helped me in my interactions with our financiers. In terms of the network, we have started a process of how we look at our family business and holdings in large part to another ADPer who helped guide me in the right direction.

— Andrew Liu Man Hin, CEO, E.A.L. Man Hin & Sons, LTD

For someone who completed an MBA 19 years ago, this was a blessing in disguise. Many concepts have evolved over the past two decades and it was absolutely essential to get updated on some of them. And how better to do it than hear it from the best in the business—Chicago Booth. They have hit the nail on the head with the ADP offering and I would recommend this program to all my colleagues and friends.

— Gururaj Balakrishna, Chief Consumer Credit Officer, Dunia Finance, LLC

With such a flexible schedule, the ADP is an ideal way of developing your skills alongside the pressures of your day job. I was able to access the core principles of business and get updates on the latest tools and methodologies, all delivered by superb faculty. The program has the right balance between academic teaching and practical implementation, I highly recommend both the programme and the business school.

— Gilbert Chow, Global Category Leader, Associated British Foods

The Accelerated Development Programme was recommended to me by a colleague and I was particularly impressed with the delivery mode. The modules are well organised and focused, and the quality of teaching was excellent. For me, ADP was a great way to refresh key areas of my management knowledge.

- Gabriel Quiros, Head of Division, European Central Bank

With just a two to three-day commitment over a six month period, and a flexible schedule, the ADP is an ideal way of developing your skills alongside the pressures of your day job. I now have a deeper understanding of the foundations and complexities of the business world, and this has already reaped rewards in terms of a recent promotion. I highly recommend both the programme and the business school.

-Vanessa Vallely, Global Head of Portfolio Management, Aviva Investors

With the evolution of the global business environment and the myriad of sophisticated management products available; the Chicago Booth ADP is a fantastic way to access the core principles of business and get updates on the latest tools and methodologies, all delivered by superb faculty. The program has the right balance between academic teaching and practical implementation, and the format is flexible and well suited for the working manager.

- Antonio Gusmao, CEO, Alexander Forbes Financial Services Ltd

The Accelerated Development Programme offers a broad range of modules that give a great overview of the key management issues around at the moment, with some invaluable insights provided by the lecturers who live and breathe the issues every day. Both the organisation of the course and the quality of lecturers are excellent and there is ample opportunity to prepare, ask questions, and interact as you need. It prompts you to think about business issues in another way but, just as importantly, to question personally and challenge yourself on a number of issues.

-Siân Williams, Head of Regulatory Development, Lloyds TSB Bank Plc 

The experience is intellectually stimulating, thought provoking, and at the same time, offers great practical application. I have expanded my networks from meeting new people on ADP and had so much fun along the way!

— Pam Jackson, Partner, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

This program is designed for executives who are responsible for key organizational activities but who need to develop a wider general management perspective outside their traditional area of control and expertise. ADP participants represent a diverse range of industries, backgrounds, and nationalities, creating a dynamic environment for peer learning and sharing.

Program is suitable for professionals with significant experience and demonstrated career progression and success across levels, including:

  • CEOs, Directors, Presidents
  • Senior functional managers, business heads, and managers of managers
  • Individuals with outstanding career and leadership roles in a variety of settings
  • A strong drive to succeed and aspirations for reaching beyond the obvious career milestones
  • Demonstrated ability to adapt, learn, and apply new knowledge in varied situations
  • A minimum of 10 years of work experience in functional, technical, or business roles
  • A graduate degree with a strong academic track record
  • Fluency in written and spoken English

Program Outline

Strategic Business Leadership

Learn how social capital can help leaders identify opportunity and mobilize resources to create value and a competitive advantage.

Strategic Marketing

Develop an analytical framework for making strategic marketing decisions, and for deciding which customers your organization should serve.

Competitive Strategy

Learn how to make the best competitive decisions for your organization based on concepts from microeconomics and organizational theory.

High-Performance Leadership

Develop strategies and processes for building a high-performance work environment and for effectively managing the changing nature of work and the workplace environment.

Personal Leadership Insight

Explore your own personal leadership capabilities and develop the insight necessary to transform your leadership.

Financial Accounting and Analysis

Accounting is often referred to as the 'language of business.' Learn how to use financial statements and accounting choices to evaluate a firm.

Developing the Innovation Mindset

Innovation can potentially benefit any firm in any industry. For some firms, innovation is a critical determinant of success. Learn how creativity and business innovation can be taught, practiced, and refined like other business processes.

Managerial Finance

Develop a financial approach to managerial decision making, set withing the context of a firm's strategic objectives.