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Strategic Business Leadership: Engagement, Performance, and Execution

Learn to manage cross-functional, cross-organizational relationships; build social capital; bridge gaps; form teams to get the job done; and create and manage organizational strategic partnerships.

Today's challenging and complex business environment requires agility in execution and a deep understanding of human dynamics. In this program you will practice leadership agility, enhance your ability to read organizations, and hone your skills in strategy execution.

Throughout the week, you will apply the course material to an individual business challenge and create a strategic action plan to create and deliver value.

By attending this program, you will:

  • Identify initiatives that create value.
  • Manage across organizational boundaries.
  • Structure your business to deliver more value.
  • Develop a strategic action plan for delivering value.

Gleacher Center
450 N. Cityfront Plaza Dr.
Chicago, Illinois 60611

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Harry L. Davis

Roger L. and Rachel M. Goetz Distinguished Service Professor of Creative Management

Harry Davis teaches MBA and Executive Education courses at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, where he has been on the faculty since 1963. His teaching and research interests lie in the areas of strategy, leadership, creativity, and innovation.

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John Burrows

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Behavioral Science and Organizations and Strategy

John Burrows has been at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business since 2009. He currently teaches two Booth MBA classes: Strategic Leadership (39002) and Strategies & Processes of Negotiation (38103).

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Heather M. Caruso

Adjunct Associate Professor of Behavioral Science

Heather Caruso is Adjunct Professor of Behavioral Science at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. She focuses her teaching and research on several aspects of human behavior in organizations. These interests center on the dynamics and social psychology of diverse (e.g., cross-functional, multicultural) teams; the management of identity, power, and influence in organizations; and strategies for optimal judgment, decision making, and behavior.

Incredible opportunity to learn new management and leadership techniques and behaviors that are absolutely critical to successfully leading complex teams.

- James Hartigan, Director, BAE Systems

Program was well designed, plus pacing and material were very relevant. One of the best external leadership programs I attended. I also enjoyed very much the teaching styles of the different professors.

- Donna-Marie Darlington-Dawes, Program Manager, The World Bank Group

The Strategic Business Leadership program has provided a long-lasting tool to carry over into our everyday private and professional lives. I have appreciated the opportunity to work closely with diverse group of business professionals.

- Dustin King, Vice Presient – Air/Ocean, Farrow U.S.

Well done. This program will be an immediate benefit to me and my company. The education will be multiplied again and again as I can take the ideas generated this week to my team back home.

- Steve Newman, Vice President, Delta Star

Best professional development course I’ve taken. I wish we could run all VPs and directors in my corporation through this before they first move into position.

- Richard Dunn, Corporate Director, Business Development, Northrop Grumman

Exhilarating and revealing. Many of the concepts, guidelines, and conclusions are already giving me insight into the workflows and processes I have experience; giving me a much better arsenal of defensive and offensive strategies I can use to move my projects forward.

- John Cozzoli, Supervisor, Canon USA

Having come up through the ranks of governmental non-profit organization, this was the first formal management course I have taken in 20 years. I can't wait to get back to the office to integrate the information. The value added will more than offset the expenditure by the agency.

- Naomi Brooks, Director of Finance, Coordinated Child Care of Pinellas

I highly recommend this course to executives looking to explore their personal effectiveness as strategic leaders and ways to improve the strategic functioning of a team.

- Sharon Rossmark, Assistant Vice President, Allstate Insurance Company

One of the most valuable experiences of my life. This class clarifies the dynamics and recognizes the pitfalls and benefits of modern organizations. Provides a resounding chant of change, grow, or die.

- Bryant Frihart, Regional Director, PG & E Energy Services

Outstanding class. The instructors were great, the participants were engaging and the facilities were outstanding.

- David Love, Sr. Business Engineering Manager, Kraft Foods

Solid content based on theories proven by research and simplified to enable us to apply the techniques practically.

- Paul Drury, Vice President, CIT Business Credit

Thank you for the entire experience. From start to finish the content was rich and made engaging by professors clearly passionate about conveying thoughts and inspiring minds!!

- Patricia Doane, Marketing Director, Lucent Technologies

The balance and content given over the five days offer the right message on strategic leadership. The focus on bridging, networking, and cohesion allows a broader understanding on how and creates long-term change.

- Tom Moon, Manager National Acct. Ceilings, USG

The classroom and administration was great. This class really helps you focus on developing better relationships within the organization to enhance its performance. All of the theory and practical (empirical) evidence supports the concept.

- Nelsen Michaelson, Controller Administration and Process Integration, Pitney Bowes

The course taught me to think differently—more creatively—and to better understand my role in my company.

- Ray McKenzie, Director, Customer Relationship Management, Chicago Mercantile Exchange

The diversity of the group and the presenters allowed me to feel like I took a tour of 18 companies in 5 days. Very productive and challenging.

- Kevin McDermott, Executive Director, Aventis Pasteur

The professors and staff so professional, friendly and engaged. Great blend of intensity and fun. One of the best learning experiences...you have spoiled us!!

- Patrick Boeheim, Regional Manager, Accident Fund Company

This program answered a lot of questions for me, including how I fit and add value in my current role and how I could be effective in other roles.

- Rob Jackson, Sr. Product Manager, Merck & Co.

This was an excellent course—practical, insightful and fun! Professors were great facilitators of discussion. So many things really hit home for me—and will be of tremendous value in my career. I am going to recommend this course throughout my company.

- Kathleen Franco, Exec. Director Regulation Strategy, Ameritech/SBC Communications

The program is designed to assist leaders in identifying opportunities and mobilizing resources to create value. It is especially recommended for senior leaders who bring people together from diverse functional groups or lines of business to effectively execute strategic initiatives. Titles include: department head, general manager, VP, SVP, project manager, change manager, and C-suite.

Executives will think creatively and strategically about their leadership roles and learn how to build social capital, broaden their influence to increase productivity, and accomplish performance-driven goals. Throughout the week, participants will work on an individual business challenge and create an action plan for creating and delivering value.

Program Outline

The Social Capital of Successful Leaders

  • What is social capital?
  • How does social capital give executives a competitive advantage?
  • How do leaders build social capital?

Leadership Based on Groups

  • How and when does leadership invoke a team?
  • How do internal group dynamics influence performance?

Leadership Agility

  • How am I currently playing my leadership role?
  • How do others respond and what can I do to influence their response?
  • How do I adapt and grow in a new role and broader responsibilities?

Building Bridges with Strategic Partners

  • How do you know when you need a strategic partner?
  • What kind of exchange is involved between a leader and a strategic partner?
  • How do strategic partners help retain high-potential employees?

Creative Leadership

  • In what aspects of the job does creative thinking have the greatest payoff?
  • How much is creativity a result of the job and how much of the individual?
  • What are the barriers to creative thinking at the organizational level and the personal level?

Managing the Team

  • How is a team a strategic organization?
  • When are extra-team ties more critical than intra-team relations for overall success?
  • What's the best way to design high-performance teams?
  • When a team is not high-performing, what are the four things that can, and do, go wrong? How can they be prevented?

Diagnosis and Strategic Action

  • What are the proposed benefits and who are potential supporters/blockers?
  • What resources are needed? Who has those resources and how do you get their buy-in?
  • What are the indicators that stakeholders will be monitoring?
  • What are the critical moments and potential roadblocks that can impede the execution?

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