Resilient Leadership for High-Performing Organizations


"Leadership is not for the faint of heart—brave leaders face challenges head-on."
—Susan Lucia Annunzio, President and CEO of The Center for High Performance 

Rising to meet challenges and adversity tend to be watershed moments in a leader's career. Whether navigating the complex turbulent landscape of a global pandemic, managing technological change, or responding to economic setbacks, the highest-performing leaders are those who are brave, resilient, and embolden others in their organization to action.

By attending, you will:

  • Build respect by learning to lead with courage and confidence by representing your most authentic self
  • Explore and encourage the characteristics of a high-performance environment
  • Acquire effective communication tools to have courageous conversations, tackle tough issues and deliver bad news
  • Discover how to manage change agents and build agility within your organization

Our live-online programs are delivered in a synchronous format where you'll engage with faculty, industry leaders, and a global set of peers in an interactive, high-impact virtual environment. Often, these programs blend live sessions with activities or projects, and readings to deepen one's understanding of the materials. The benefit to this format is that you'll receive Booth's rigorous content in short, digestible sessions held multiple times weekly and span over a few weeks.

Participants should expect to commit a total of 4-6 hours per week to this program.


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    Networking Forum

    This program includes a live-virtual networking session, where participants will have an opportunity to introduce themselves to the cohort and share their work experience, as well as their most significant business challenge they are currently facing. Booth team members will host these forums, and will help continue post live-forum discussions onto the program's online discussion boards.

    This program will benefit mid- to senior-level executives who are charged with having tough talks, minimizing fears, and mobilizing an organization to move ahead amid uncertainty.

    Leaders from a wide range of industries and organizations, including corporations, associations, nonprofits, startups, and public sector organizations, will find this program beneficial. 

    Executives from most job titles and functions will also benefit from attending this program, including entrepreneurs and consultants; and those in finance, operations, business development, human resources, sales, marketing, general management, donor relations, and operations.

    Susan Lucia Annunzio

    President and CEO, The Center for High Performance

    Susan Lucia Annunzio is President and Chief Executive Officer of The Center for High Performance (CfHP). She is a strategic advisor to CEOs of leading global companies on strategy attainment and business transformation. Susan partners with senior executives to increase their ability to simplify complex strategic decisions through enhanced collaboration and creativity. She is a globally recognized speaker and thought leader on shaping and maintaining high-performance business environments. She has a strong track record helping leaders maximize returns on strategic, financial and human-capital investments.

    Previously, Susan ran the research-based high performance consulting subsidiary of Hudson Highland Group, Inc., a leading international professional staffing and talent management solutions firm.

    Under her direction, Hudson Highland completed the most comprehensive global study of knowledge workers ever conducted regarding the factors that accelerate or stifle high performance. Susan has presented on this study at such prestigious venues as the World Economic Forum, The International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change at the University of Greenwich, and Vacature’s 2004 “Talent Economy” launch event in Belgium.

    Susan has been an Adjunct Professor of Management at the University of Chicago Booth Graduate School of Business. She has been a guest lecturer at INSEAD business school in Fontainebleau, France, Kellogg Graduate School of Management and Instituto Empressa in Madrid. She also has taught at General Electric’s Crotonville Corporate Training Center.

    She is the author of Contagious Success (Portfolio, 2004), a dynamic management book that revealed a global standard for high performance. Contagious Success was voted Fast Company’s Readers’ Choice selection in January 2005. Additionally, Susan authored two more prominent business books: Communicoding (Fine, 1990; Penguin USA, 1991) and Evolutionary Leadership (Simon & Schuster, 2001; Fireside, 2002).

    She has been a guest on numerous local and national television and radio news programs and has been quoted extensively in the business press, including The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, BBC, USA Today and Bloomberg.

    Susan is a member of the Economic Club of Chicago, the Executives’ Club of Chicago and the University of Chicago Women’s Business Group. She also works with the Metropolitan YWCA of Chicago and The United Way.


    Courageous Leadership in Challenging Times - Part 1
    • Driving high performance in uncertain economic times
    • Increasing ROI through ROB (brainpower)
    • Leading with the heart, not fear
    • Learn the three drivers of high-performance
    • Foster the flow: oxytocin not adrenaline
    • The correlation between high-performance attributes and trust

    Courageous Leadership in Challenging Times - Part 2

    • How leadership behavior effects results 
    • Have the courage “to be the last to speak”
    • Leading with your values
    • Leadership Moments of Truth

    Managing Change with Resilience

    • The 20/60/20 rule, moving the middle, identifying and enabling top performers
    • Unspeakable subjects and highly visible statements of change
    • Destroying “Sacred Ducks”
    • Mobilizing the Grapevine

    Courageous Communication to Encourage Positive Thinking, Agility, and Change

    • Key concepts of communication that allow thinking to thrive
    • The anatomy of a miscommunication
    • The importance of empathy
    • Diffusing negative emotions and challenging assumptions
    • Tackling tough questions
    • Delivering bad news

    “Lucia is a wealth of knowledge and experience and my faith in the teaching style of Chicago Booth faculties only got reinforced. I will come back for more and will explore an on-campus experience someday. The concoction of time-tested principles taught by the faculty, the harmonious learning appetite of the class and the real-life examples amplified the experience.”
    - Anirban De, Procurement, Adobe Systems India

    “Excellent series. I learned so much and am excited to put what I've learned into action.”
    - Jessica Siron, Environmental, Health & Safety Director, Rivian Automotive

    “This class did a great job of bringing together key elements on effective resilient leadership, with action plans for continuing development moving forward.”
    - Lawrence Berry, Director of Physical Plant, Lee University

    “Very powerful class. Low time commitment that is packed with valuable stories, information and discussion!”
    - Nate Evans, Cybersecurity Program Lead, Argonne National Laboratory