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Leading High-Performance Organizations - London

Learn behaviors that accelerate or stifle high performance, how to better leverage positive attributes of a work environment, and techniques to build performance drivers into organizations.

Leaders need to create an environment that fosters high performance. In order for individuals and teams to create value for an organization, the brainpower within each workgroup must be unleashed to create innovative products, services, and markets. Through this program, you will learn behaviors that accelerate or stifle high performance, how to better leverage positive attributes of a work environment, and techniques to build performance into your organizations. 

By attending this program, you will: 

  • Recognize the characteristics of high-performing workgroups.
  • Encourage an environment that drives high performance.
  • Effectively drive and manage change.
  • Apply the principles of respectful communication. 
  • Collaborate to solve complex problems. 
  • Create a plan to eradicate the barriers of high performance in your unit. 
  • Partner with other workgroups to make positive change in the organization. 
  • Surround yourself with people who have skills that complement your own. 
  • Lead more effectively and drive strategic direction by leveraging your strengths. 
  • Develop an action plan to apply concepts and processes learned in the course to your own Personal Leadership Challenge. 

GBP £3,200 (accommodations not included)

Chicago Booth - London Campus

For inquiries, contact Eugenia Patriniche, +44 (0)207 070 2200


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Susan Lucia Annunzio

President and Chief Executive Officer

Susan Lucia Annunzio is President and Chief Executive Officer of The Center for High Performance (CfHP). She is a strategic advisor to CEOs of leading global companies on strategy attainment and business transformation.

This program benefits mid- to senior-level managers whose business unit is charged with creating value for the organization and who are responsible for leading and managing change. It is designed to provide those in leadership roles with techniques to encourage an environment necessary for sustained, long-term, profitable growth, and one in which people can seize opportunities--take rises, generate new ideas, and make mistakes.


Introduction to High-Performance Leadership

  • Learn what drives high performance in uncertain economic times
  • Identify the three drivers and corresponding attributes of a high-performing work environment

Leadership: Encouraging a High-Performance Environment

  • Explore familiar leadership styles and the correlation between leadership style and resultant behaviors
  • How can you identify and enable top performers?

The Tenets of a High-Performance Environment

  • How should leaders manage change?
  • Learn how to optimize thinking during change
  • Discover the power of the 20/60/20 rule, unspeakable subjects, and making loud statements of change

Respectful Communication

  • How do leaders communicate to encourage high performance?
  • Discuss the key concepts of communication that allow thinking to thrive

Building a High-Performance Environment

  • What are the key leadership attributes in a high-performance environment?
  • How to learn from each other's experiences and brainstorm new ideas
  • Quick wins to take back and begin implementing immediately

Now Discover Your Strengths

  • Take the StrengthsfinderTM profile to discover your strengths
  • Leverage your personal strengths to lead transformational change

Celebrating Heroes

  • What is the importance of recognizing and celebrating heroes within the company?
  • Craft real-life examples