Executive Education

Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®) Certification

The only credential designed specifically for financial professionals who want to attain a level of competency as an advanced investment advisor or consultant. Chicago Booth is a Registered Education Provider for the education program requirement in the certification process.

Investment Workshop Series
We also offer a series of online and in-person workshops to help you prepare for your CIMA exams. These sessions use the same teaching methodology that has been tested and proven highly effective in the Booth CIMA program. Learn more about the workshops »

Since April 2011, CIMA® certification has been recognized as the only financial services credential in the US to meet an international standard for personnel certification (ISO 17024) and earn accreditation by the American National Standards Institute.

Administered through the Investments & Wealth Institute®, CIMA® certification is the only credential designed specifically for advanced investment consultants. CIMA certification signals that a professional has completed the rigorous program and has achieved a high level of competency, professionalism, and investment expertise. Chicago Booth is a Registered Education Provider for the education program requirement in the certification process.

The Booth Advantage 

Proven methods
As the exclusive education provider of the Investments & Wealth Institute's Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA®) certification, Chicago Booth brings years of experience educating investment professionals for success.

Valuable mix of top Booth faculty and experienced practitioners
Given the extensive CIMA curriculum, our program assembles seven experts to cover the content–a number that is unmatched by any other education provider. The program is taught by top Booth faculty as well as practitioners who have their CIMA.

More content for your money and benefits of in-class and online learning
The Booth program is comprehensive, dedicating time to cover each major topic area outlined by the Investments & Wealth Institute in the CIMA Candidate Handbook. With five full-days of content and the exam on Saturday morning, Booth offers more in-class time than any other provider. Tuition includes the Investments e-book and online learning platform as well as two online pre-program review sessions with Professor Kathleen Fitzgerald.

The "Chicago Approach™"
Our faculty will challenge you to question assumptions, separate fact from fiction, and analyze information – and to recognize when it’s time to reevaluate. Their teaching approach is rigorous, interactive, and dynamic.

Steps to Certification:

The CIMA certification program requires that candidates meet all eligibility requirements, including experience, education, examination, and ethics.

Step 1: Submit CIMA Certification program application to the Investments & Wealth Institute
Step 2: Pass qualification examination
Step 3: Complete Booth CIMA education program
Step 4: Pass certification examination
Step 5: Sign licensing agreement and adhere to the Investments & Wealth Institute Code of Professional Responsibility and Rules and Guidance for use of the marks

If you have not yet begun the CIMA certification process or would like more information about the Investments & Wealth Institute's advanced certification qualifications, please contact Investments & Wealth Institute directly at (303) 770-3377 or visit www.investmentsandwealth.org.

Program Dates:

This program is currently unavailable.

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John C. Heaton

Joseph L. Gidwitz Professor of Finance; Deputy Dean for Faculty

John C. Heaton studies asset pricing, portfolio allocation, and time-series economics. He first became drawn to this area because he was "intrigued by the idea of understanding economic phenomena both to guide policy and to help people make better decisions." His research in these areas has earned him numerous fellowships, including an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship from 1993 to 1995.

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Lubos Pastor

Charles P. McQuaid Professor of Finance

Lubos Pastor is Charles P. McQuaid Professor of Finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He is also a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research and a Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy and Research. In addition, he serves as an Associate Editor of the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, and Review of Financial Studies.

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Pietro Veronesi

Roman Family Professor of Finance

Professor Pietro Veronesi has been a part of the University of Chicago's teaching faculty since 1997, and currently is the Roman Family Professor of Finance and Robert King Steel Faculty Fellow. Veronesi conducts research that focuses on asset pricing, stock and bond valuation under Bayesian uncertainty and learning, and equilibrium models of return predictability. Veronesi is a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research and a research fellow of the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

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Ira S. Weiss

Clinical Professor of Accounting and Entrepreneurship

Ira Weiss specializes in tax strategy, financial accounting, mutual fund taxation, and private equity investing. He teaches advanced MBA courses in both tax strategy and entrepreneurship at Chicago Booth, and helps support the entrepreneurial community through his work as the faculty director of Hyde Park Angels, an angel investing group affiliated with the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship.

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Kathleen Fitzgerald

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Management

Kathleen Fitzgerald is known at the University of Chicago as a superb educator. She brings a remarkably wide array of experience as an educator and a practitioner to the classroom. She has taught courses in Investments, Corporate Finance, Financial Accounting, Money and Banking, International Finance and Financial Management. In addition to teaching the Investment Workshop Series, Kathleen also conducts all of the review sessions in the CIMA Education Program at Chicago Booth.

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Scott G. Thayer, CIMA®

Scott Thayer is an Institutional Consulting Director - Investments with Graystone Consulting in Santa Rosa California. Scott started his career at EF Hutton in 1983 after leaving his position at Chico State University lecturing in Finance and Investments. Scott is focused predominantly on the advice and management of Non-Profit Foundations, both in the US and abroad. Throughout his career, he has been recognized both by the industry and his peers as a thought leader.

The University of Chicago has a well-planned approach to teaching the CIMA curriculum. All of the important concepts are covered in a clear, concise format. The professors really want to make sure you understand the material and go to great lengths to provide intuition behind some of the math concepts. The class is very interactive and the faculty make themselves easily accessible throughout the class. I strongly recommend this program to anyone considering attaining the designation.

- Todd Muentzer, CIMA®, ETF Specialist

Robust curriculum, thoughtfully designed and masterfully taught.  Thank you Chicago Booth!  You have more than exceeded my expectations!

- E. Jacqueline Yoo, SVP, Northern Trust

The University of Chicago has taken a very thoughtful approach to presenting material toward the CIMA® designation. I wanted to be around the people involved and will miss them. The content was a perfect blend of technical and real world application. I look forward to my next opportunity to interact with the school and will be recommending anyone interested in finance to the program.

- Mark Bova, CIMA®, ETF Specialist, Guggenheim Investments

I had a great experience this week. I’m amazed at how much content you were able to fill in this week. Very beneficial to my career!

- Brett Howell, CIMA®, Wealth Management Advisor, Merrill Lynch

Great program. Faculty was excellent and accessible – seemed genuinely interested in material and interested in teaching us. Interaction with faculty and attendees was excellent.

- Joe Splendorio, CIMA®, Partner, CWS Financial Advisors

The design was excellent. Having 2 review sessions per day with Kathleen Fitzgerald was vital to my comprehension of the course’s content.

- Joseph Cali, CIMA®, Regional Investment Consultant, Charles Schwab Investment Management

I've always had respect for U Chicago from a distance but if this is an indication of the root of the University – I am even more impressed! My high regard was raised even more.

- Scott Fitzgerald, CIMA®, CFP®, SVP – Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch

Overall, this was a great experience. A very challenging yet extremely worthwhile and rewarding program. My learning curve has never before increased so substantially.

- Hans Williams, CIMA®, ETF Specialist, Guggenheim Investments

Came to Booth not having any idea what to expect – it was the most valuable experience I’ve had in 20 years.

- Michael Mader, CIMA®, CFP®, EVP, Veritas Wealth Advisors

Program Outline

This program has been designed to maximize your time. During the program, daily review sessions will help you apply, process, and retain the information. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, work through sample problems, and review case studies that will bring the content to life.

Topics covered during the program include:

  •     Risk and return
  •     Portfolio theory and mean-variance analysis
  •     The CAPM
  •     International investing
  •     Multifactor models
  •     Market anomalies and market efficiency
  •     Performance measurement and attribution
  •     Formulating tax-efficient strategies
  •     Behavioral finance
  •     Fixed income markets
  •     Alternative investing: derivatives, hedge funds, and private equity
  •     Dynamic portfolio selection and time varying returns
  •     Writing investment policy statements
  •     Manager search and selection
  •     Ethics

Chicago Booth's extended preparation and review lead to lasting success.

  • Prior: Two online review sessions on Statistics and Methods
  • During: Review sessions each day at strategic stopping points
  • Post: Performance summary sheet available with Booth exam results

Investment Workshop Series: Preparation for CIMA® Exams

Are you looking for a way to structure and focus your study for the Qualification Exam (QE) or Certification Exam (CE)? Do you learn best through live interaction and practice? This series will help you prepare for the CIMA exams by combining online and in-person workshops. These sessions use the same teaching methodology that has been tested and proven highly effective in the Booth CIMA Education Program. 

As an added benefit, receive a $300 credit toward the tuition for the Booth CIMA Program.

Who Should Attend

CIMA candidates who are preparing for the Qualification or Certification Exam. This workshop series is applicable to a wide range of financial professionals, including independent advisors, investment consultants, national and regional broker-dealer representatives, and bank/trust employees.

Workshop Dates

2018 dates: January 4 - March 3, 2018

2019 dates: please check back for updates

Learn More & Register

To learn more, visit the Investment Workshop Series page or contact Rebecca Meyer.