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Asia Executive Series: Emerging CFOs for Asia

This program draws upon National University of Singapore and Chicago Booth's global expertise to help senior finance executives in Asia strengthen their leadership and analytical skills, effectively manage stakeholder relations, and drive strategic direction to lead enterprise transformation.

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Never before has the role of a CFO been more complex. As strategic business partner and advisor to the CEO, today's CFOs are required to juggle multiple portfolios: strategic leader, investor relations manager, moral conscience and risk manager. In Asia, where family firms and government organisations dominate, conducting business also presents its own unique challenges and opportunities. With this dynamic environment in mind, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and NUS Business School have assembled an interdisciplinary team of faculty from the fields of economics, finance, accounting, strategy and leadership to create the Asia Executive Series: Emerging CFOs for Asia program.

Drawing upon NUS and Chicago Booth's global expertise in finance and economics research, the Emerging CFOs for Asia programme will help senior finance executives in Asia strengthen their leadership and analytical skills, effectively manage stakeholder relations, and drive strategic direction to lead enterprise transformation. The curriculum will take into account Asia's unique dominant shareholder environment, in contrast to diffused ownership structures in the West. The course also includes keynotes from distinguished practitioners who will describe how they have managed strategic challenges in their organizations.

By attending this program, you will:

  • Learn to analyze the sources of financial fragility and the regulatory responses that are fundamentally reshaping financial markets and undertake strategic risk management in this changing environment
  • Through mini case presentations, understand the impact of past financial crises on firms, and how organizations can be better prepared for future events
  • Discover key changes unfolding in the macroeconomic and policy front – both globally and within Asia – which will shape the business and investment landscape over the near to medium term
  • Learn to inspire and motivate teams to achieve higher levels of performance and commitment to strategic goals
  • Learn to price, build and work with syndicated loans arising in an opaque market with limited notice
  • Through real-world case studies, explore recent innovations and challenges in raising capital from banks, bond markets, and equity markets in Asia
  • Gain insights on how to develop and implement a strategy for business success in Asia
  • Understand the fundamental issues that affect the sourcing of capital and investment choices in family controlled firms
  • Learn about recent changes in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the implications on the valuation of international investments and assets
  • Effectively articulate the corporate message internally and externally; improve communications with the board, audit committee and the investment community

National University of Singapore, Singapore


"This is a fantastic programme that builds network and broadens horizons. Will highly recommend for CFOs."
Anuj Sinha, Singapore
Finance Director, Kimberly-Clark


"This course was excellent. The professors gave us a detailed case study to learn that was informative and thought-provoking. The lecturers gave us real-life examples of how to be effective CFOs."
Christopher Speers, Hong Kong
Regional Controller, Asia MetLife  


"An enlightening programme blending theories and practices delivered by world-class professors, and offering insights from elite business leaders."
Arthur Tam, Hong Kong
Head of Business Improvement, Royal Bank of Scotland

This program is designed for senior finance executives from all industries and companies of all sizes:

  • CFOs, deputy CFOs, treasurers, senior VPs and finance directors whose goals are to become strategic financial leaders and CFOs.
  • Applicants should have significant experience in upper-level management or finance.