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AS A SENIOR EXECUTIVE, you've faced and overcome business challenges. Now you’re ready to build on your success. That means you're "Booth Ready."

At Chicago Booth, we are at the forefront of designing and delivering highly ranked, top-quality executive education that meets your specific leadership development objectives. In the Advanced Management Program, you'll interact with world-class faculty and learn to apply rigorously tested concepts to your business challenges using the Chicago Approach. Ideas compete, people collaborate—and you'll walk away ready to take your career and organization to the next level.

“The Advanced Management Program is an essential tool in empowering our executives to be well-rounded,
well-connected, and ready to succeed in the current global marketplace.”

Ed Auslander, President and CEO, Lord Corporation


The Advanced Management Program (AMP) is for senior executives who strive for excellence and are serious about taking their organizations—and themselves—to the next level through agile and innovative leadership.

AMP is the only senior executive program to offer electives, in addition to core courses, as a part of the overall curriculum—allowing executives to tailor the curriculum. Executives are immersed in a collaborative environment, where professors and classmates challenge ideas and test assumptions to better analyze business problems.

Participants leave with razor-sharp business judgment and the confidence to make high-stakes decisions and create last value.

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“I left the program with a keen desire to find greater fulfillment from my work, and as a result became a better leader. I now find myself filled with a new level of curiosity that will help me gain broader perspectives and a better understanding of my role.”

Mark Mowat, Managing Director, Frontier Capital


Flexible Schedule Pursue educational needs at times that fit your schedule—while continuing to lead your organization. Chicago Booth’s program is composed of six one-week sessions over the course of a year.

Immediate Application Put sharpened skills to work on business challenges immediately between sessions. This real-time knowledge application reinforces the tangible value of the experience and maximizes the return on educational investment.

Individualized Curriculum Choose electives that best fit your professional goals, individual experiences, and business interests and participate in our three core sessions that focus on critical enterprise leadership challenges.

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“I have to say the program far exceed my highest expectations.
As an accountant, I am always lookingat the ROI on an investment and this was a clear success.”

David Jarrett, Partner, Performance and Value Creation, Crowe Horwarth


Senior-level executives including presidents, senior vice presidents, division presidents, general managers, country managers, managing directors, general counsel, CEO, CFO, COO, or executive directors. Participants come from a wide variety of industries and organizations within the US and across the globe.

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October 12-16, 2015
April 11-15, 2016
October 24-28, 2016

Participants pick three additional elective courses taken in one-week increments between.


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