Executive Education

Our Approach


When working with you to create a custom program, we integrate our knowledge and experience with your business to create what you need to move ahead: high-impact, results-driven learning.

Chicago Booth faculty develop and advance the theories that underlie business—and relate them to your organization with powerful results. Our multifaceted approach to addressing your company's needs is based on a fundamental concept developed by Chicago faculty: The success of an enterprise requires effective use of human capital and social capital.

The late Chicago Booth Professor Gary Becker received the Nobel Prize for his work on human capital, while Chicago Booth Professors Ron Burt and Linda Ginzel pioneered the concepts of social and leadership capital. Our custom learning initiatives help your team understand these assets and leverage them to maximize your leadership capital, putting you on the path to long-term, impactful success.


Our rigorous approach and focus on fundamentals means that rather than ostensibly solving your company's challenges, we teach your executives concepts and frameworks for continually generating the best solutions and applying them effectively in your organization.

Whatever your reason for seeking our expertise, one outcome is certain: participants will emerge as better thinkers, able not just to apply tested concepts to the issues at hand, but also to approach and think through the unknown challenges ahead. 

KEY TAKEAWAY: When it's all said and done, your executives learn the value of constructive questioning and a willingness to alter beliefs in the light of new data, to recognize the importance of multiple viewpoints, to take calculated risks, and to ultimately deliver powerful performance.  


"We have been thoroughly impressed with Chicago Booth; from the design to the delivery of our program, they have exceeded our expectations. Throughout the process, Chicago Booth has shown dedication in getting to know and understand our buiness, listening to and acting on our requirements, andticipating our needs, and delivering a solution that met our objectives."

 – An International Professional Services Firm