Executive Education

Peer Talk Profile: Pradipto Pal

Chicago Booth: Walk us through your journey to Booth. What brought you to us?

Pradipto Pal: I have been with management consulting and professional services firms for more than 25 years, responsible for business practices and their successful operations across the Asia-Pacific market.

Over the past few years, we have been observing major transformations across all industries, and the emergence of new business models due to digital technologies spurring innovations that are substantially disrupting the profitability models of many of the well-established multinational firms.

These challenges faced by many of our existing clients are making a significant impact on our traditional consulting and advisory practices. It was time for me to refresh my personal knowledge with the latest thinking and business cases that could eventually assist me to stay relevant in the new business world.

As with all journeys, careers involve planning, refueling, and rerouting. I was influenced by Booth’s ADP director to join the 2016 cohort and learn from the experiences of 20 other international executives. The program offered an opportunity for me to take time out to reassess, recalibrate, and refocus in my professional career.

Chicago Booth: What were some of the key skills you learned in the program, and how have they been useful in your work as a business leader, coach, and entrepreneur?

Pal: The ADP offered a customized platform to develop an innovation mindset and a wider understanding of accounting, finance, and marketing principles. It provided current insights on competitive strategy and high-performance leadership. Undoubtedly, these were the key topics that I was exploring toward advising my clients on their overall business strategies.

Booth’s ADP curriculum has been optimally designed to quickly enhance someone’s knowledge and skillset through various case studies and best practices frameworks. As an advisor and coach to other business leaders, I have found that the ADP has been extremely relevant to me. It has provided me with a significant professional advantage in today’s business context.

Chicago Booth: Tell us a bit about your current work. What are your primary responsibilities?

Pal: I lead an advisory and consulting team for our cross-industry clients that provides thought leadership on digital strategy, innovation, business transformation, and program management. This requires me and my team to conduct in-depth research, prioritize short- and long-term strategic initiatives, and effectively plan resources and program charters.

We are often requested by our clients to advise them on their investment decisions, competitive strategy, marketing, operational changes, process improvements, governance, risk mitigation, and many other areas that I have learned from the ADP has been very relevant to my profession.

Chicago Booth: Ultimately, the Accelerated Development Program is about building key business concepts and strategies that can be applied in the workplace. Walk us through a situation you have encountered in your work when you were able to apply a concept or strategy that you learned in the program. What happened?

Pal: I am able to leverage many of the ADP concepts and tools to analyze the effort and investments that are required in various client programs and initiatives. The ADP frameworks are quite useful in making resource allocations and commercial decisions in our client assignments, while ensuring that all the stakeholders are aware of many other non-surfacing insights and extraneous factors that could influence the business decisions and the final outcome.

We are able to analyze the data more rigorously and build hypotheses and business cases for investments, while creatively tackling information limitations and surfacing insights in developing final recommendations to the stakeholders.

Chicago Booth: Think ahead five years from now. In what ways do you think the concepts, skills, and knowledge you learned at Booth will be valuable to you?

Pal: The ADP has provided me with current insights into a rapidly changing business world, and reoriented me with the latest business management concepts and tools. It has further generated an interest in me to research and specialize in one or more subject areas that could enable me to be recognized as a subject matter expert and value-engineer to advise and coach various types of industries that are keen to transform and grow.

Chicago Booth: Why should other senior leaders think about enrolling in the Accelerated Development Program at Booth?

Pal: Learning is a continuous process that is imperative in the world of millennials, where an individual’s core expertise is the most valuable asset. I encourage all of those who are making career choices to prioritize values, purpose, and development opportunities. Senior business leaders would be more effective in the new economy by undertaking the ADP to build, operate, and manage an innovative organization of the future. The high-performing leaders of tomorrow will be the ones who have the ability to transform and lead an existing or new organization with a new set of resources, processes, culture, shareholders’ return with unique value, and profitability propositions.