Executive Education

Peer Talk Profile: Jia Yng Wee

You’ve built your career by building relationships with people. You can strengthen your company in the same way by brokering relationships between different units, between the stakeholders above you and the ones below.

Jia Yng Wee discovered this through the Chicago Booth Executive Education Program in Singapore, and it opened a whole new world for the managing director, head of operations, Asia, at Coutts in Hong Kong.

“I’ve definitely gained a lot of insights from Ron Burt’s class, Brokerage,” Wee said. Before participating in the Advanced Development Program in Singapore, “networking was just a box that you that you needed to tick,” she added. “Not only did Burt bring in the academic side of the benefits of brokerage—which I think was very interesting from a statistical angle—he also brought in the academic theory perspective.”

The ADP class, also available at Chicago Booth's London location, helps prepare senior managers for the next step in their careers, providing access to the latest thinking and tools to competitively position themselves and their businesses.

Participants worked collaboratively with such Chicago Booth faculty members as Dean Alderucci, Phil Berger, Sanjay Dhar, Marc Knez, and Douglas Skinner.

Professors' insights enhanced Wee’s view of her role within Coutts, the 320-year-old private bank and wealth manager.

“I now think within an organizational framework and across functions, and this has been one of my key takeaways I think from the Booth classes,” Wee said.

An avid hiker and lover of literature, Wee is accustomed to challenging herself. The networking aspect of her ADP class “inspired me to get out of my comfort zone, eventually revisiting all my working relationships and understanding how brokerage would work a lot more effectively not just for me internally but externally. This is essential for the success of any organization.”

Wee also gained a new appreciation for being deliberate and disciplined throughout her day, and for reflecting on what she has accomplished during the day and where she needs to pick up tomorrow.

“Keeping the diary makes me more effective in understanding where I want to channel my time and ensure that it's well spent on a daily basis,” Wee said.

She gained insight not just from the Chicago Booth faculty but from the accomplished executives the program attracts.

“The ADP class was quite diverse. We had quite a lot of representatives from different industries, ranging from banks, the automobile industry, the food and beverage industry, just to name a few,” Wee said. “One of our key commonalities is that we have very similar challenges and management experiences across the board.

“So it is very, very interesting I think for anyone joining ADP to know they will have full insight from a practitioners’ view as well as from an academic perspective.”