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Insight Through Inquiry

You've seen a lot in your career. Now, see it from a new perspective that will take your career to a whole new level. The Chicago Approach teaches the foundations and multidisciplinary skills to understand the fundamentals of any challenge and the critical eye to leave no stone unturned. With this combination of knowledge and inquiry, truly crucial insights start to emerge. A classic approach to timeless innovation.

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Hear From the Booth Community:

Learning how to collaborate and challenge ideas

Photo of Brett Hysinger View Full Profile »

Brett Hysinger, Director, Enterprise Control Center, US Customs and Border Protection, Washington, DC
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Challenge improves ideas

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Ayelet Fishbach, Jeffrey Breakenridge Keller Professor of Behavioral Science and Marketing, Chicago Booth
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Seeing problems from multiple angles and considering many solutions

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Mary Go, Director, Global Partner Management, Walgreen Co.
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State-of-the-art frameworks from the people who develop them

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Kay-Oliver Bunn, Marketing Director EMEA - Healthcare IT, GE Healthcare IT
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Using data to challenge assumptions and arrive at new solutions

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Robert H. Gertner, Joel F. Gemunder Professor of Strategy and Finance and Deputy Dean for the Part-Time MBA Programs, Chicago Booth
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The culture of active debate for students and professors

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Andrey Kolosovskiy, Legal and Corporate Affairs Director, Microsoft
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Consistency of the instruction across the international campuses

Photo of Margareta Laminto View Full Profile »

Margareta Laminto, Regional Marketing Manager, Ethicon Surgical Care, Asia Pacific, Johnson & Johnson Medical Singapore
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A Booth education changes the way you see the world

Photo of Manoj Kumar Purohit View Full Profile »

Manoj Kumar Purohit, Head, Financial Services Solutions, APAC & Japan, Cisco Systems (USA) Pte Ltd
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