Entrepreneurial Immersion: China 2007 takes you behind-the-scenes to entrepreneurial China—it is VIP access to state-of-the-art entrepreneurial facilities; prestigious U.S. and Chinese companies operating in China; and Chinese government officials who will discuss doing business in China. You will visit a variety of Chinese cities to learn about the cultural traditions that impact social and business interactions.

Download the information guide (pdf). 

Why an Entrepreneurial Immersion Trip?

National borders no longer confine the growth aspirations of entrepreneurial ventures. Even the smallest of companies can have operations and partnerships that are global in reach. For many companies, the international markets are not only the gateway to an almost unlimited customer base, but they also offer the opportunity to maximize efficiencies and minimize expenses. The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business understands that to educate and strengthen GSB entrepreneurial students and alumni, it must provide theoretical and experiential learning on how to operate in the global arena. The Polsky Center recently launched an initiative to develop educational programs in Asia that will target alumni, students, and the local Asian communities in which the programs are offered. The center's Global Initiative seeks to build understanding, communication, and partnerships across the globe.

Navigating a new country can be overwhelming as one tries to maneuver cultural norms, business regulations and processes, financial practices, language issues, and transportation in general. Given these obstacles, the ultimate goal of networking with local business people to build partnerships can seem daunting. The purpose of the Entrepreneurial Immersion trip is to help the novice overcome some of these obstacles and to facilitate meaningful business networking. The key objectives and highlights of Entrepreneurial Immersion: China 2007 are:
  • Familiarize trip participants with key cities in China, including Xi'an, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Macau.
  • Provide instruction on cultural traditions that impact social and business interactions.
  • Introduce participants to Chinese government officials, U.S. trade directors, and U.S./Chinese business associations that can facilitate establishing business operations in China.
  • Learn from U.S. companies already operating in China the practical aspects and challenges of doing business in China.
  • Tour Chinese entrepreneurial companies to learn some of the merits and challenges in working with local partners in China.
  • Visit a major research park in China and understand the various incubation strategies that are offered by the local economic development organizations to entrepreneurs.
  • Network with Chinese entrepreneurs, investors, and officials in Shanghai at an event that will feature one of most notable entrepreneurs in China.
  • Understand the supply and demand imbalances in China’s HR sector.
  • Nurture new friendships and develop business relationships with traveling and locally-based Chicago GSB alumni.

Moving into the Chinese Market

Read the GSB Magazine Q&A (pdf) with alumnus Thomas Doctoroff, '89, CEO of J. Walter Thompson's Greater China, for further insights about marketing and the Chinese economy.

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