2017 New Hires by Industry: Intern

From technology and consulting to nonprofit and real estate, Chicago Booth students have questions to ask and waves to make in every industry.

September 11, 2017

Industry Percent
of Hires
of Hires 1
Salary 2
Salary 2
Salary 2
Financial Services 36.4% 208 $700 $20,000 $10,000
Technology 22.1% 126 $550 $12,600 $8,000
Total 100% 571 $450 $20,000 $8,178

(1) Nine students in the Class of 2018 reported having two internships.
(2) Compensation information is self-reported. 90 percent of students reporting accepted intern offers included salary information. Of that, 3 percent reported receiving no salary. For the 87 percent who reported salaries, the minimum, maximum, and median monthly salaries are represented above. Insufficient data indicates less than 1 percent reporting offers and/or less than 50 percent with salary information.
(3) Bonus information: 13 percent of accepted offers reported in the consulting industry received a sign-on bonus, for which the median bonus was $3,000.
(4) Investment Management/Research also includes Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds.
(5) Healthcare Products and Services includes Biotech & Life Sciences, Healthcare Products/Medical Devices, Healthcare Services, and Pharmaceutical Products.