2014 New Hires by Function: Intern

Chicago Booth students are making bold moves across a variety of functions.

September 16, 2014

Function Percent
of Hires
of Hires 1
Monthly Salary 2
Monthly Salary 2
Monthly Salary 2
Total 100.0% 564 $1,000 $16,000 $8,200

(1) Thirteen students in the Class of 2015 reported having two internships.
(2) Compensation information is self-reported. 94 percent of students reporting accepted intern offers included salary information. Of that, 3 percent reported receiving no salary. For the 91 percent who reported salaries, the minimum, maximum and median monthly salaries are represented above. Insufficient data indicates less than 1 percent reporting offers and/or less than 50 percent with salary information.
(3) Bonus information: 11 percent of accepted offers reported in the consulting industry received a sign-on bonus, for which the median bonus was $2,500.
(4) Accepted offers in these functions include students doing summer internships at startups: Business Development (6), Finance - Company Finance (Analysis/Treasury) (1), Consulting (3), Finance - Venture Capital (1), Marketing - Other (3), Strategic Planning (6). In total, 3.5 percent of accepted offers for the Class of 2015 were with startups. For monthly base salary, the minimum was $2,200, the maximum was $11,700 and the median was $4,000.