Class of 2008

September 15, 2008

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Companies hiring four or more graduates accounted for more than 55 percent of hires, while nearly one-third of the class represented Chicago Booth through a diverse range of 146 companies as the sole Class of 2008 hire.

Major Employers 2008

Companies That Hired Four or More Graduates
(26 Companies)
of Hires
of Hires
Number of
Intern Hires
McKinsey & Company, Inc.296.0%20
Lehman Brothers Inc.234.8%20
Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.234.8%22
The Boston Consulting Group173.5%13
Bain & Company, Inc.163.3%13
JPMorgan Chase & Co.142.9%11
Credit Suisse132.7%22
Deutsche Bank132.7%20
Barclays PLC122.5%13
Citigroup, Inc.112.3%9
Goldman Sachs102.1%17
Bank of America91.9%4
Morgan Stanley91.9%5
L.E.K. Consulting71.4%1
Microsoft Corporation71.4%4
Booz & Company (N.A.) Inc.61.2%7
Cisco Systems, Inc.61.2%3
Bear Stearns & Co. Inc.51.0%2
Deloitte Consulting LLP51.0%6
Kraft Foods Inc.51.0%4
Sears Holdings Corporation 5 1.0% 2
General Electric Co.40.8%4
United Airlines, Inc. 4 0.8% 2
Hires at Companies Hiring Four or More Graduates
(26 Companies)
Hires at Companies Hiring Two or Three Graduates
(27 Companies)
Hires at Companies Hiring One Graduate14630.2%