Organized by the following Chicago Booth Student Groups:

Chicago Africa Business Group

The Chicago Africa Business Group (CABG) is a student led group at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. The group is open to all members of the Chicago Booth community interested in exploring business, economic, and social issues in Africa. Conceived in 2007, CABG initially provided social and mentorship opportunities for members. Recently, the group has adopted a more business focus and engages with companies, business leaders, and alumni to highlight the business climate in Africa and promote networking opportunities for students interested in careers on the continent.

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China/Asia Pacific Student Groups

The Greater China Club (GCC), Chicago Asia Pacific (CAP) group, and the China Business and Economy Group (CBEG) are three registered student groups at Chicago Booth. They focus on the east Asian region and cater to student needs and interests with a regional focus. GCC is a full-time student group whose mission is to build a close-knit community for the growing number of Booth students who are interested in issues, events, and activities related to the Greater China region. It welcomes students from all nationalities and backgrounds. CAP is a full-time student group dedicated to assisting its members in recruiting in the Asia Pacific region, fostering long-term relationships among CAP members, Chicago Booth Alumni and Asian business leaders, and promoting Asian cultures in the Booth community. The China Business and Economy Group (CBEG) is a part-time student club. The group serves as the information center for Evening/Weekend students who are interested in explore the business environment, career opportunities, and the culture in China.

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Emerging Markets Group

The Emerging Markets Group (EMG) is the only student group that enables students to explore political and economic issues and learn about employment opportunities in emerging markets and developing countries throughout the world. Students in the EMG are interested in understanding the important issues facing the world's developing countries. Many members either have worked in or are considering working in an emerging market; while others are simply eager to learn more about emerging markets. The Emerging Markets Group holds numerous events throughout the year including speaker series, informal emerging market job search discussions, social events, and the Emerging Markets Summit.

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Latin America Business Group

The Latin American Business Group (LABG) is a student organization that works to support relations between the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Latin American people, corporations, and institutions, while supporting the Latin American community at Booth and increasing awareness of the region. The group has approximately 180 members from more than 20 countries and is open to all nationalities. Members share business experience or interest in Latin America and participate in numerous professional, cultural, and social events throughout the year. Corporate sponsors include Vale (Principal Sponsor) and Credicorp (Platinum Sponsor).

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South Asia Business Group

The South Asia Business Group (SABG) is one of the largest and most active student groups at the Chicago Booth School of Business, serving the needs of people of South Asian origin or with interest in that region. Our mission is to build strong cultural and professional networks, across students, alumni, and the broader South Asian professional community in the Chicago area and beyond. Our marquee event, the India Leadership Summit, is one of the largest India focused conferences in the US, and seeks to achieve our mission by drawing preeminent leaders from business and society in India to inform and re-connect hundreds of conference participants to the front lines of business and growth in India.

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