Global Lunch Keynote

Global business is changing and emerging markets are playing an increasingly important role in driving macroeconomic growth. In addition to the growing reach of multi-national companies based in the developing world, we are also seeing an escalating pattern of disintermediation in international trade between emerging markets. China's rapid increase in trade with many nations in sub-Saharan Africa is but one of many examples of this changing dynamic. In addition to shifting centers of economic influence, this pattern increasingly suggests that a new set of players are poised to emerge as key economic and political influencers in the coming decades.

Additionally, at the micro-level, firms in both developing and developed markets are honing emerging market-specific strategies to fuel growth and consolidate market position. As competition for these new markets heats up, what does it mean for the global economy? How will rising economic powers, especially beyond the BRIC nations, continue their growth? What industries are poised for disruption and shifts in capital flows? How will these changes affect governance and investments?

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Saturday, April 11
12:15 - 1:45 p.m.

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Megablowout Conference Center
1234 Anywhere Street
Businesstime, IL 60037
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