Chicago Booth Student Handbook

25 Student Handbook 2019–20  Regulations, Policies, and Procedures Official Transcripts All entering students pay a lifetime transcript fee in their first year of study. This one-time lifetime transcript fee allows students to request an unlimited number of official transcripts, now and in the future, whenever they need them, at no additional cost. Transcripts may be ordered via secured internet transaction at . Grade Appeal Procedures A student who believes that there is an error in the grading on any graded material in a course (i.e., assignment, paper, project, examination) should follow the guidelines provided by the professor for a grade appeal. If the professor does not provide specific guidelines either in the syllabus or verbally, the student should: 1. Discuss the potential grading error with the professor. 2. Submit a written request for a review of the graded material to the professor. 3. If the student believes that the appeal was not given appropriate consideration by the faculty member, the student should contact Academic Services. Academic Services can verify that the procedure outlined above has been followed. If there is evidence of a grading error, it will be brought to the attention of the faculty member. Note that neither program administrators nor Academic Services can alter a grade. Unless a professor informs students otherwise, a grade change appeal must be initiated no later than the quarter after the course is completed. Academic Grievances Students are encouraged to raise issues and concerns in email regarding academic matters with the faculty, when appropriate, to the associate dean of faculty and academic services. Academic grievances not related to a grade change may be brought, in email, directly to the dean of students. Issues that cannot be resolved by the dean of students or associate dean of faculty and academic services will be taken to the Deans’ Office for further review. An academic grievance appeal must be initiated no later than the quarter after the course is completed. The university’s Office of the Student Ombudsperson is also available to provide resources and support at . Probation Chicago Booth has the highest of academic standards. To maintain these high standards, student performance is monitored quarterly to ensure that students are making good academic progress and progression. If a student’s academic performance falls below the level needed to graduate, he or she is placed on probation. A student is placed on quarter probation if his or her grade point average (GPA) for the quarter is less than C+ (2.33) and is placed on cumulative probation if his or her cumulative GPA is less than C+ (2.33). If a course is repeated, both grades are included in the calculation. In the event that a student is placed on quarter or cumulative probation, he or she will receive official notification from academic services, and may be required to meet with Academic Services. In the case of cumulative probation, restrictions will be placed on grading options and registration; in the case of quarter probation, restrictions may be placed on grading options and registration, and involvement in student activities and/or leadership positions. Any student placed on probation in two consecutive quarters or who fails to meet the conditions of probation, may be placed on an administrative leave of absence, and/or may be dismissed from the school by the dean of students.