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Responsible Leadership through

Choice Architecture:

In this course, students learn how to

systematically identify the ways in

which organization leaders influence

their stakeholders through situational

structure, while developing the insight to

manage such influence wisely. Taught by

Richard H. Thaler,

Charles R. Walgreen

Distinguished Service Professor of

Behavioral Science and Economics, and

Heather M. Caruso,

adjunct associate

professor of behavioral science, and

executive director of the Center for

Decision Research.

Experimental Marketing:

Students learn how to incorporate

experimental results into managerial

decision-making, discussing how to design

experiments and how to statistically

analyze experimental results to draw valid

conclusions that will generalize reliably

to the decisions being made, among other

areas. Taught by

Oleg Urminsky,


of marketing and Beatrice Foods Co.

Faculty Scholar.

Data Science for Marketing

Decision Making:

This course immerses students in data-

driven marketing techniques in this era

of big data. The course trains students to

become data scientists who can analyze

data and turn that knowledge into grounded

decisions. Taught by

Günter J. Hitsch,

professor of marketing and John E. Jeuck

Faculty Fellow.


Booth continues to expand our curriculum in various areas, including marketing analytics

and big data. A total of 16 new classes were added during the past academic year. Among

the new courses are: