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The Curriculum

At Chicago Booth, you are asked to go deeper into the disciplines that drive

business decisions. Your experience in the classroom is contributive; you will

be challenged and encouraged to share your views.

The Executive MBA Program offers a general management curriculum that

includes the same courses, taught by Chicago Booth faculty, on all three

campuses. Following the Foundations, Functions, Management, and Business

Environment courses, you can choose from a wide array of electives on which

to focus.

Curriculum Descriptions


Foundations (3 Courses)

These courses focus on developing the analytical tools and knowledge that support the rest of the

curriculum (Statistics, Financial Accounting, Microeconomics).


Functions (5 Courses)

These courses cover primary business functions (Finance, Marketing, Operations).


Management (7 Courses)

These courses examine the concepts and techniques required for effective management (Decisions,

People, Strategy, Negotiations).


Business Environment (2 Courses)

These courses cover the global business environment in which all businesses function (Macroeconomics,

Global Strategy & Economics).


Electives (4 Courses)

You will join your classmates from Chicago, London, and Hong Kong for two consecutive weeks of elective

courses at the Charles M. Harper Center on the University of Chicago campus. Elective courses complement

the general management curriculum by delving further into specific areas of study. Actual elective courses

offered vary from year to year but include cutting-edge or advanced topics.


Capstone Experience Course (1 course)

These experiential, team-based courses have been created as capstone courses and integrate the skills and

knowledge gained throughout the program.

Focused Areas of Study

Although not required, students may develop

additional frameworks and enhance their MBA

experience by following a focused area of study.

Students can choose to take elective courses

in one key area of business: capital markets,

corporate finance, entrepreneurship, marketing,

strategy, or leadership and management.

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Executive MBA Program