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Andrew M. Alper

Andrew M. Alper, MBA ’81, AB ’80

Public Service Award – 2004


New York City Economic Development Corporation

Robert O. Anderson

Robert O. Anderson, AB ’39

Corporate Award – 1972


Atlantic Richfield Corporation

Michael Armstrong

Michael Armstrong, ’02

Young Alumni Award – 2012

Senior Vice President and General Manager

BET International and Paramount Channel

Clifford S. Asness

Clifford S. Asness, MBA ’91, PhD ’94

Young Alumni Award – 2007

Managing and Founding Principal

AQR Capital Management LLC

Norman Barker Jr.

Norman Barker Jr., AB ’47, MBA ’53

Corporate Award – 1978

Chairman and CEO

United California Bank

Pat Basu

Pat Basu, MBA ’05, MD ’05

Young Alumni Award – 2011

White House Fellow

US Government

Lambertus J. "Bart" Becht

Lambertus J. "Bart" Becht, ’82

Corporate Award – 2011


Reckitt Benckiser

Norman R. Bobins

Norman R. Bobins, ’67

Corporate Award – 2003

President and CEO

LaSalle Bank Corporation

Archie R. Boe

Archie R. Boe, ’50 (XP-6)

Corporate Award – 1981

Chairman and CEO

Allstate Insurance Companies

David G. Booth

David G. Booth, ’71

Entrepreneurial Award – 1999

Co-Founder and Co-Chairman

Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc.

Charles A. Bowsher

Charles A. Bowsher, ’56

Public Service Award – 1998

Retired Comptroller General

United States General Accounting Office

Raymond N. Carlen

Raymond N. Carlen, ’50 (XP-6)

Corporate Award – 1984

Retired Vice Chairman

Inland Steel Company

Jaime Chico Pardo

Jaime Chico Pardo, ’74

Corporate Award – 2005

Vice Chairman and CEO


George Conrades

George Conrades, ’71 (XP-28)

Corporate Award – 2014


Akamai Technologies

William E. Conway Jr.

William E. Conway Jr., ’74

Entrepreneurial Award – 2007

Co-Founder and Managing Director

The Carlyle Group

Erroll B. Davis Jr.

Erroll B. Davis Jr., ’67

Corporate Award – 1993

President and CEO

WPL Holdings, Inc.

J. Patrick Doyle Jr.

J. Patrick Doyle Jr., ’88

Corporate Award – 2012

President and CEO

Domino’s Pizza, Inc.

John A. Edwardson

John A. Edwardson, ’72

Corporate Award – 2006

Chairman and CEO

CDW Corporation

David W. Fox

David W. Fox, ’58

Corporate Award – 1995

Chairman and CEO

Northern Trust Corporation

John P. Gallagher

John P. Gallagher, ’47

Corporate Award – 1979

Chairman and President

Chemetron Corporation

Melvin R. Goodes

Melvin R. Goodes, ’60

Corporate Award – 1997

Chairman and CEO

Warner-Lambert Co.

Kathryn C. Gould

Kathryn C. Gould, ’78

Entrepreneurial Award – 2005

Co-Founder and General Partner

Foundation Capital

Judson C. Green Jr.

Judson C. Green Jr., ’76

Corporate Award – 2008

President and CEO

NAVTEQ Corporation

Robert P. Gwinn

Robert P. Gwinn, PHB ’29

Corporate Award – 1973

Chairman and CEO

Sunbeam Corporation

Charles M. Harper

Charles M. Harper, ’50

Corporate Award – 1991

Chairman and CEO

ConAgra, Inc.

Tao Huang

Tao Huang, ’99 (XP-68)

Young Alumni Award – 2004


Morningstar, Inc.

Ron Huberman

Ron Huberman, AM ’00, MBA ’00

Public Service Award – 2009


Chicago Public Schools

David W. Johnson

David W. Johnson, ’58

Corporate Award – 1992

President and CEO

Campbell Soup Company

Henry A. Johnson

Henry A. Johnson, ’65 (XP-19)

Corporate Award – 1987

Vice Chairman

Spiegel Inc.

Edward L. Kaplan

Edward L. Kaplan, ’71

Entrepreneurial Award – 1996

Chairman, President, and CEO

Zebra Technologies

Dean Karlan

Dean Karlan, MBA ’97,
MPP ’97

Public Service Award – 2012

President and Founder

Innovations for Poverty Action

Karen L. Katen

Karen L. Katen, AB ’70, MBA ’74

Corporate Award – 2000


Pfizer U.S. Pharmaceuticals Group

Dennis J. Keller

Dennis J. Keller, ’68

Entrepreneurial Award – 1997

Chairman and CEO

DeVry Inc.

James M. Kilts

James M. Kilts, ’74

Corporate Award – 2001

Chairman and CEO

The Gillette Company

Ferdinand Kramer

Ferdinand Kramer, PhB ’22

Corporate Award – 1982

Chairman of the Board

Draper & Kramer

Charles W. Lake Jr.

Charles W. Lake Jr., ’49 (XP-5)

Corporate Award – 1983

Chairman and CEO

R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company

Robert W. Lane

Robert W. Lane, ’74

Corporate Award – 2007

Chairman and CEO

Deere & Company

Amy Lehman

Amy Lehman, AB ’96, MBA ’05, MD ’05

Young Alumni Award – 2014

Founder and CEO

Lake Tanganyika Floating Health Clinic

Yanxiu “Matthew” Li

Yanxiu “Matthew” Li, ’91

Young Alumni Award – 2009

Founder, CEO and CIO

Fore Research Management LP

Sister Sheila Lyne

Sister Sheila Lyne, ’80 (XP-44)

Public Service Award – 1996

Commissioner of Public Health

City of Chicago

Ray W. MacDonald

Ray W. MacDonald, AB ’35

Corporate Award – 1974


Burroughs Corporation

Joseph D. Mansueto

Joseph D. Mansueto, AB ’78, MBA ’80

Entrepreneurial Award – 2000


Morningstar, Inc.

Jack Markell

Jack Markell, ’85

Public Service Award – 2010


State of Delaware

C. Virgil Martin

C. Virgil Martin, ’55 (XP-11)

Corporate Award – 1971


Carson Pirie Scott & Co.

Robert C. McCormack

Robert C. McCormack, ’68

Entrepreneurial Award – 2001

Managing Partner

Trident Capital Inc.

Gary A. Mecklenburg

Gary A. Mecklenburg, ’70

Public Service Award – 2000

President and CEO

Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Northwestern Memorial Corporation

Kathryn Mikells

Kathryn Mikells, ’94

Young Alumni Award – 2010

Executive Vice President and CFO

UAL Corporation

Jean Claude Monty

Jean Claude Monty, ’70

Corporate Award – 1998

President and CEO

BCE Inc.

Alfredo Moreno

Alfredo Moreno, ’82

Public Service Award – 2014

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Republic of Chile

Craig K. Nakagawa

Craig K. Nakagawa, ’97

Public Service Award – 2007

Acting President


Joseph Neubauer

Joseph Neubauer, ’65

Entrepreneurial Award – 2002

Chairman and CEO

ARAMARK Corporation

John R. Opel

John R. Opel, ’49

Corporate Award – 1980

President and Director

IBM Corporation

Ronald Packard

Ronald Packard, ’89

Entrepreneurial Award – 2009

Founder and CEO

K12 Inc.

Michael E. Pape

Michael E. Pape, ’06, (XP-75)

Entrepreneurial Award – 2012


Nymirum, Inc.

Karen L. Parkhill

Karen L. Parkhill, ’92

Young Alumni Award – 2008

CFO, Commercial Bank

JP Morgan Chase and Company

Ellmore C. Patterson

Ellmore C. Patterson, ’35

Corporate Award – 1975


Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York

Peter G. Peterson

Peter G. Peterson, ’51

Corporate Award – 1988


The Blackstone Group

Joseph A. Pichler

Joseph A. Pichler, MBA ’63, PhD ’66

Corporate Award – 1994

Chairman and CEO

The Kroger Company

Michael P. Polsky

Michael P. Polsky, ’87

Entrepreneurial Award – 2003

President and CEO


Paul Purcell

Paul Purcell, ’71

Corporate Award – 2009

Chairman, President and CEO

Robert W. Baird & Co. Incorporated

Philip J. Purcell

Philip J. Purcell, ’67

Corporate Award – 1999

Chairman and CEO

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

Dhiraj Rajaram

Dhiraj Rajaram, ’03

Entrepreneurial Award – 2014


Mu Sigma

Jaithirth Rao

Jaithirth Rao, ’81

Entrepreneurial Award – 2006

Chairman and CEO

Mphasis Corporation

Robert W. Reneker

Robert W. Reneker, PHB ’34

Corporate Award – 1976

Chairman and CEO

Esmark, Inc.

Robert P. Reuss

Robert P. Reuss, ’50

Corporate Award – 1985

Chairman and CEO

Centel Corporation

Thomas S. Ricketts

Thomas S. Ricketts, AB ’88, MBA ’93

Young Alumni Award – 2005

Founder, Chairman, and CEO

InCapital, LLC

Julie A. Roehm

Julie A. Roehm, ’95

Young Alumni Award – 2006

SVP, Marketing Communications


Tandean Rustandy

Tandean Rustandy, ’07 (AXP-6)

Entrepreneurial Award – 2011

Founder and CEO

PT Arwana Citramulia Tbk

Glen Senk

Glen Senk, ’80

Corporate Award – 2010


Urban Outfitters

T. Russell Shields

T. Russell Shields, AM ’63, MBA ’67

Entrepreneurial Award – 2008

Co-Founder and Chairman

Ygomi LLC

Charles R. Shoemate

Charles R. Shoemate, ’71

Corporate Award – 2002

Retired Chairman, President, and CEO


Dumas M. Siméus

Dumas M. Siméus, ’72

Public Service Award – 2003

Chairman and CEO

Siméus Foods International, Inc.

Rex A. Sinquefield

Rex A. Sinquefield, ’72

Entrepreneurial Award – 1999

Co-Founder and Co-Chairman

Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc.

Jean Head Sisco

Jean Head Sisco, ’46

Public Service Award – 1997


Sisco Associates

Joanne C. Smith, M.D.

Joanne C. Smith, M.D., ’00

Public Service Award – 2008

President and CEO

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

Richard Spillenkothen

Richard Spillenkothen, ’75

Public Service Award – 2001

Director of Banking Supervision and Regulation

Federal Reserve Board

Beryl Sprinkel

Beryl Sprinkel, MBA ’48, PhD ’52

Corporate Award – 1986


Council of Economic Advisors

Richard H. Steiner

Richard H. Steiner, ’70

Entrepreneurial Award – 2004

Theatrical Producer

Fred G. Steingraber

Fred G. Steingraber, ’64

Corporate Award – 1996


A.T. Kearney, Inc.

Joel M. Stern

Joel M. Stern, ’64

Entrepreneurial Award – 1998

Managing Partner and CEO

Stern Stewart & Co.

Barry F. Sullivan

Barry F. Sullivan, ’57

Corporate Award – 1990

Chairman of the Board

First National Bank of Chicago

Richard F. Teerlink

Richard F. Teerlink, ’76 (XP-36)

Corporate Award – 2004

Retired Chairman, President and CEO

Harley Davidson, Inc.

Immanuel Thangaraj

Immanuel Thangaraj, AB ’92, MBA ’93

Young Alumni Award – 2003

Managing Director

Essex Woodlands Health Ventures

Mary A. Tolan

Mary A. Tolan, ’92, (XP-61)

Entrepreneurial Award – 2010


Accretive Health

Arthur R. Velasquez

Arthur R. Velasquez, ’67

Public Service Award – 2002

Chairman, President, and CEO

Azteca Foods, Inc.

David J. Vitale

David J. Vitale, ’76

Public Service Award – 2006

Chief Administrative Officer

Chicago Public Schools

Eric Weinheimer

Eric Weinheimer, ’94

Public Service Award – 2011

President and CEO

The Cara Program

B. Kenneth West

B. Kenneth West, ’60

Corporate Award – 1989

Chairman and CEO

Harris Bankcorp, Inc.

Ernest R. Wish

Ernest R. Wish, ’71 (XP-29)

Public Service Award – 1999


WRM, Inc.

Theodore O. Yntema

Theodore O. Yntema, AM ’25, PhD ’29

Corporate Award – 1977

Retired Chairman, Finance Committee

Ford Motor Company

Kateryna Yushchenko

Kateryna Yushchenko, ’86

Public Service Award – 2005

First Lady


Disclaimer: The information presented in these biographical profiles was accurate in the year in which the award was granted.