Leon (Lonnie) O. Moulder Jr., ’97 (XP-66)
Cofounder, Chief Executive Officer, and Director

Entrepreneurial Award

Leon (Lonnie) O. Moulder Jr., ’97 (XP-66), is the cofounder, CEO, and director of TESARO Inc., an oncology-focused, Boston-area biopharma company he started in 2010. Within a year of its founding, TESARO successfully acquired development rights to a drug that helps treat nausea and vomiting caused from cancer chemotherapy, which gained FDA approval and launched as Varubi in 2015. TESARO’s second drug, the ovarian cancer medication Zejula, received FDA approval and launched last year. As of June 2017, TESARO was valued at $8 billion and employed more than 400 people globally.

Moulder is also the chairman of Trevena, a biopharmaceutical company, and previously served as a director of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, from 2012 through the sale of the company in 2015. Moulder is a member of the Council on Chicago Booth and the Polsky Council.



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