Recruiters & Companies

Resume Database

Chicago Booth has several resume databases available for companies that seek to connect with Booth talent. You can search each resume database on a variety of criteria, allowing you to identify candidates who fit your needs. Among the criteria you can search for are:

  • Previous work experience
  • Academic concentrations
  • Student group membership
  • Industry and function preference
  • Work authorization
  • Languages spoken
  • Location preference

Online Resume Databases

  • The resume database for full-time employment includes students from our Full-Time MBA Program and eligible students from the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs.  Companies may easily identify students who are actively seeking employment for full-time opportunities and participating in campus recruiting. The resume database for students seeking full-time employment is available each year in early August.
  • The resume database for internships includes students from our Full-Time MBA Program and is available in late-October. 
  • In addition to the wealth of talent from our Full-Time MBA Program, Chicago Booth has a diverse and experienced talent pool in our Evening MBA, Weekend MBA, and PhD Programs.The Chicago Booth Resume Database for Alumni and Part-Time Students (RAPS) is a searchable database that includes resumes of Chicago Booth alumni and current students from the Evening MBA, Weekend MBA, and Executive MBA Programs.  RAPS includes candidates from around the world, in every function and industry, at all levels of experience.  

To request access to one of our resume databases, please log in to GTS and look for the section of the dashboard labelled "Request Resume Databases."  Select a product and click "Submit."  Requests are generally approved within 24 hours.  Access is available free of charge.  

Please email us if you have any questions.

Resume Referral Service

If you prefer, leave the searching to us. Email a request for a resume referral that includes your job description. We will search our resume database for candidates who fit the qualifications you seek..

PhD Candidate Resumes

Choose from our talented pool of doctoral candidates. PhD candidate resumes are viewable online.