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2013 - 14 Key Student Activity Dates

Following are some important event dates for the 2013–14 school year, including many key student group conferences and events that are currently planned for the upcoming year. Learn more about student-led groups.

Autumn Quarter (September - December)

October 4 Management Consulting Group (MCG) Second-Year Case Workshop
October 18 Chicago Women in Business (CWiB) Fall Conference
October 23 Marketing Group Conference
October 24 Management Consulting Group (MCG) First-Year Networking Night
October 26 Leadership Challenge
November 1 African American MBA Association (AAMBAA) Career Conference
November 5 TechVision Conference
November 8 Investment Banking Group (IBG) Conference
November 12 Corporate Finance Group (CFG) Symposium
November 14 Investment Management Group (IMG) Conference
November 15 Media Entertainment & Sports Group (MESG) Symposium
November 15 Healthcare Conference
November 19 Food, Environment, Agribusiness & Development (FEAD) Fall Forum
November 22 Management Consulting Group (MCG) Consulting Forum
November 28 - 29 London Banking Summit
December 16 - 20 Student Group Treks

Winter Quarter (January - March)

 January 7 Corporate Management & Strategy Group (CMSG) Career Forum
January 10 Management Consulting Group (MCG) First-year Case Workshop
February 21 Media, Entertainment & Sports Group (MESG) Media Night
February 21 Private Equity Group Conference
February 25 Food, Environment, Agribusiness & Development (FEAD) Conference

Spring Quarter (March - June)

April 11 TechVision Conference
April 11-12 Emerging Markets Summit
May 2 Microfinance Conference
May 9 Energy Forward Conference
May 9 DuSable Conference