Recruiters & Companies

Recruiting Calendar

Following is a list of important dates, events, and deadlines. The key student activity dates for the academic year can also be viewed.


August 8

Job descriptions due for full-time campus interviews

Mid August

Resume database available for second-year students seeking full-time roles

September 22

Industry Immersion

September 22

Campus Corporate Conversations for second-year students begin

September 25

Autumn Quarter classes begin

September 29

Corporate Networking Night for second-year students

October 1

Job descriptions due for internship campus interviews

October 13

Campus interviewing for second-year students begins

October 20

Campus Corporate Conversations for first-year students begin

October 22

Corporate Networking Night for first-year students

Early November

Resume database available for first-year students seeking internships

November 20

Start-up Networking Night

December 8 - 13

Autumn Quarter final exams

December 12

Autumn Convocation


January 5 Winter Quarter classes begin
January 15 Campus interviews for first-year students seeking internships begins
January 19 Martin Luther King holiday (office closed)
March 16 - 21 Winter Quarter final exams
March 20 Winter Convocation
March 21 - 29 Spring Break
March 30 Spring Quarter classes begin
April 9 Start-up Networking Night
April 27 - May 1 Booking request period: submit campus recruiting requests for 2015 - 2016 via GTS
April 30 Recruiters Conference
Mid May Career Services will confirm 2015 - 2016 interview and networking event dates
June 8 - 13 Spring Quarter final exams
June 13 Spring Convocation
June 15 First-year students available for summer internships