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While full-time interview schedules may be invite only, internship interview schedules have both bid and invite components. The invitational portion of your interview slate includes the students you preselect. That number is determined by the interview type you select as well as how many interview rooms you reserve. You may select the interview length that best fits your needs.

The bid segment of the schedule will be filled via our student bidding process which allows students the opportunity to interview with the companies in which they are most interested. Student bidding occurs approximately a week and a half before your interview date.

The schedule for interview days will let you know how many candidates your company can interview on a given day. The total number of students you can interview will include those you invite as well as students who bid for the opportunity to be seen by your company.

Preliminary schedules will be available in the Global Talent Solutions (GTS) at least one week before your interview date. Students can continue to make changes to schedules after this date until they freeze two business days before your interviews.

Final Interview Schedule

The final interview schedule will be available in GTS two business days before your interviews. A copy of the final schedule, including resumes, will also be provided when your recruiter checks-in at our interview facilities.

Scheduling Second-Round Interviews

We encourage firms to give students at least three days notice when scheduling second-round interviews. In addition, we strongly suggest firms host second-round interviews in Chicago when possible. This allows students to better balance their academic, recruiting, and personal commitments.

Companies must offer more than one date option for second-round interviews. When students are not given flexibility, students and recruiters suffer; we - and our students - appreciate your cooperation.

Ad Hoc Campus Interviewing

If you would like to hold interviews on campus outside of our traditional campus interview period, please contact your relationship manager or call 773.702.7405 to reserve a date and interview rooms. Your relationship manager will also help you post your job description, advertise it to students, notify the students you select for interviews, and schedule the interviews.

Interview Facilities

Chicago Booth maintains an interview center with 36 interview rooms. A concierge is available during the interview day to assist with arranging for taxis, making copies, getting in touch with students, and other such needs. Recruiters also have access to a lounge where breakfast and lunch are provided. Parking at the Charles H. Harper Center is available. Our visit page contains additional information you might find helpful.