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International Students

Approximately one-third of the Chicago Booth student body is international, allowing for a truly global experience for students and faculty. International students at Chicago Booth typically hold F-1 (foreign student) or J-1 (exchange visitor student) visas.

Both visas allow students to work in the United States for summer internships, with no paperwork or extra effort required from the hiring company. For full-time employment, the employee and employer may petition for an H1-B visa through the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. The H1-B visa initially provides coverage for three years of professional employment and may be extended for an additional three years. In addition, some students use provisions for practical training periods (Curricular Practical Training and/or Optional Practical Training), to cover the "gap" between their start of work and the next H1-B cycle.

Each student's circumstances are unique, and the Full-Time Program Office and the university's Office of International Affairs (OIA) work together with students to determine available options, which may include either early or delayed graduation.