Recruiters & Companies

Booking Events

Booking a Corporate Event

More than 200 companies visit campus each year to recruit Booth students. Our initial booking period takes place starting in April, and requests for corporate events can be made through Global Talent Solutions (GTS). If you are unable to request an event through GTS, or if you have questions, please contact your relationship manager or email the team at

Scheduling an Event
Corporate events are most effective when coordinated with your interview date. If you are hosting campus interviews, we recommend you host your campus event at least four weeks prior to your interview date when possible.

While several events may be scheduled at the same time, we will not schedule firms in the same industry recruiting for similar positions at the same time. For the 2020-21 recruiting season, second-year events start on September 17, 2020. No first-year-only or first- and second-year events can be held prior to October 12, 2020.

Due to high demand, firms may submit a request for one second-year event and one first-year event. Companies that draw more than 50 students may host a Corporate Conversation. Companies attracting fewer students will be asked to attend one of our Corporate Networking Nights or may host a Meet-n-Greet.

Event Confirmation
If you submit an event request in April, within two weeks you will receive written confirmation of your event date and time. When possible, we'll confirm the location as well. However, classroom space cannot be confirmed until early September. We'll also send information on advertising your event, arranging catering, ordering audio/visual equipment, and shipping event materials. Events requested after the spring booking period will be confirmed within a week.