Recruiters & Companies

Build a Recruiting Strategy

We realize that companies are unique and have specific goals in mind when recruiting at Booth. Our Employer Relations team works with companies to develop a customized strategy to help them achieve their goals. Our team will work with you to determine the right way to build a brand on campus, market job opportunities, and connect with students or alumni in order to recruit successfully.

Recruiting at Booth

No two recruiting initiatives are the same. At Chicago Booth, you can rely on our Employer Relations team members to develop a plan with you and your organization - including campus and off-campus strategies - that directly correlate to your recruiting goals. Members of our Employer Relations team are industry and geographical specialists.

  • Campus Recruiting - An efficient and effective way to hire for both full-time positions and summer internships, campus recruiting, which starts in the fall, gives you access to over 1,100 first- and second-year Full-Time MBA students. Eligible students in our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs are also able to participate in full-time recruiting.

  • Off-Campus Recruiting - For many firms, recruiting timelines, budgets, and candidate profiles make off-campus recruiting a better recruiting strategy.

Recruiting Resources

To help with your recruiting at Chicago Booth, we offer several tools and resources.

  • Build Your Campus Presence - Our Employer Relations team can help your company build a campus presence that will reinforce your brand in the minds of Chicago Booth students.

  • Global Talent Solutions - For the recruiting process at Chicago Booth you will use Global Talent Solutions (GTS), our recruiting portal that connects corporate partners to Booth students and alumni around the world. Log in to GTS to post jobs, schedule campus interviews and events, and manage your candidate applications. For step-by-step instructions on how to complete a variety of tasks in GTS, including updating your contact information and requesting interviews or recruiting events, refer to the GTS Quick Reference Guide (PDF).

  • Recruiting Calendar - Visit the recruiting calendar to see a list of important dates, events, and deadlines.

  • Recruiting Policies - Please refer to Chicago Booth's recruiting policies for information on our recruiting periods, offer guidelines, student recruiting policies, and policies on nondiscrimination and adverse actions to offers.

  • Video Conferencing Services - We offer video conferencing in order to further facilitate real-time interviews between employers and candidates from Booth. For more information, please contact your Relationship Manager.

International Students

Approximately one-third of the Chicago Booth student body is international. International students at Chicago Booth typically hold F-1 (foreign student) or J-1 (exchange visitor student) visas.

Both visas allow students to work in the United States for summer internships, with no paperwork or extra effort required from the hiring company. For full-time employment, the employee and employer may petition for an H1-B visa through the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. The H1-B visa initially provides coverage for three years of professional employment and may be extended for an additional three years. In addition, some students use provisions for practical training periods (Curricular Practical Training and/or Optional Practical Training), to cover the "gap" between their start of work and the next H1-B cycle.

Each student's circumstances are unique, and the Full-Time Program Office and the university's Office of International Affairs (OIA) work together with students to determine available options, which may include either early or delayed graduation.