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The global Booth alumni network includes more than 51,000 people in more than 108 countries. And just like our Executive MBA program, you’ll find a remarkable array of outstanding professionals. Our alumni community includes:

  • More than 5,400 CEOs and top officers who help lead companies around the world such as Pfizer, Gilette, John Deere, JPMorgan, Morningstar Korea, JWT China, Jet Tours, Nike (European Operations), Allianz Re, and Lefevere N.V.
  • Public sector executives who work for government agencies in numerous roles, including the Secretary of Financial Services and the Treasury for Hong Kong, a senior IT Officer for the International Monetary Fund, the Director for Policy Analysis in the Japanese cabinet, a deputy director in the Ministry for Sustainable Development in France, and a deputy executive director at the United Nations
  • Thousands of managers who drive businesses around the world, including:
  • The manager of long-term market analysis for GM in Malawi; the operations manager of a hotel in the Bahamas; the director for business development for the leading RFID system integrator in Argentina; the managing director of risk management for Citigroup in New York; and the supply chain interaction director for Stanley Europe based in Belgium
  • People who work in health care in Canada, insurance in Japan, banking in Tunisia, energy in Germany, electronics in Argentina, accounting in the Philippines, and consulting in the United Arab Emirates

Individuals who contribute their management skills to nonprofit organizations such as the American Red Cross, the Asian Development Bank, the International Polar Foundation, CARE International, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and Doctors of the World

From business manager to executives, the pool of Chicago alumni talent is limitless. Learn more about our resources below or contact someone from our Employer Relations team to help you develop a hiring strategy.

Recruiting Tools

Post a Job
Career Services provides a year-round, free-of-charge job posting service through Global Talent Solutions(GTS) , our online recruiting portal. Through GTS, recruiters can view and edit job postings for all Booth candidates, including current students seeking entry-level MBA opportunities or alumni and students in Executive MBA programs seeking more senior-level opportunities.

Chicago Booth Resume Database for Alumni and Part-Time Students
The Chicago Booth Resume Database for Alumni and Part-Time Students is an online searchable database of Chicago Booth Alumni and talent from our part-time students. With a constant stream of new talent coming in and out of the database, companies can find a variety of talent from new alumni with five years of experience to seasoned executives with 20+ years of post-MBA experience.

You can search the resume databases for a variety of criteria that allow you to find candidates who fit your needs, including:

  • Previous work experience
  • Industry and function preference
  • Work authorization
  • Languages spoken
  • Location preference

Resume Referrals
Need help narrowing down a pool of candidates from the Resume Database? Contact someone on our Employer Relations team to help you. With an industry and geographical focus, our team can provide you tips on how to search the resume databases and find the right candidate for your company.