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Chicago Booth boasts a global network of more 47,000 alumni in 118 countries. If you are looking for experienced candidates who can step into a new position and get the job done, our alumni community includes:

  • 5,400 CEOs and top officers who help lead global companies such as JPMorgan, ITT Industries, Pfizer, Gillette, Suzuki, and John Deere.
  • Entrepreneurs and founders of companies that include ZipCar, PrepMe, Morningstar, Harpoon Brewery, Cognitive Concepts, and Bobtail Ice Cream.
  • Leaders in government, including the governor of New Jersey; the first lady of the Ukraine; the secretary of financial services and the treasury for Hong Kong; a counselor at the US Embassy in Khartoum; the city administrative officer in Los Angeles; and many others in public service.
  • Leaders within nonprofit organizations such as the American Red Cross, the Asian Development Bank, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Dallas Museum of Art, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Great Lakes Protection Fund, and Doctors of the World.
  • Thousands of managers who drive businesses around the world, such as the manager of long-term market analysis for General Motors in Malawi; the operations manager of a hotel in the Bahamas; the director for business development for the leading RFID system integrator in Argentina; the managing director of risk management for Citigroup in New York; and the supply chain interaction director for Stanley Europe based in Belgium.