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General Management


Our expert relationship managers are knowledgeable about your industry and the current recruiting landscape. They can help you create a recruiting strategy tailored to your specific needs, guiding you through each step of the recruiting process.

If your company has an established recruiting relationship with Chicago Booth, please contact:

Janice Farrar, Employer Relations, 773.702.9209

If your company is new to recruiting at Booth and would like to learn more, please contact:

Jenna Hess, Employer Relations, 773.702.7738

Industry Statement

Regardless of a company’s need, whether it be for entry-level MBAs for their general management rotational programs or management executives from our alumni population, Chicago Booth has a diverse population with interests across industries. Last year over 60 students went into general management for both full-time and internship opportunities. Because general management positions span many different industries, we have been fortunate to provide an array of opportunities from which our students and alumni can choose.

Leadership development and rotational programs have become extremely popular with our students. This path is enticing because students have the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience across a myriad of functions.  This prepares students to become better organizational leaders. For our alumni and students from our part-time programs with more work experience, these general management opportunities allow them to hit the ground running, as well as showcase their experience.

Recruit at Booth

Post a Job

Career Services provides a year-round, free-of-charge job posting service through Global Talent Solutions (GTS), our online recruiting portal. Through GTS, recruiters can view and edit job postings for all Booth candidates, including current students seeking entry-level MBA opportunities, as well as alumni and students in the executive MBA programs who are seeking more senior-level opportunities.

Campus Recruiting

Recruiting on campus is an efficient and effective way to source candidates for full-time and internship positions.

There are many ways to recruit on campus:

For full-time positions, most recruiting events are held in the fall, in September and October, with interviews in October and November. Internship recruiting events begin in mid-October, with interviews taking place in late-January through February. We’re also happy to facilitate just-in-time interviews and events outside our peak recruiting periods.

Resume Databases

Chicago Booth has several online, easy to search resume databases. You can search the resume databases for a variety of criteria that allow you to find candidates who fit your needs, including:

  • Previous work experience
  • Academic concentrations
  • Student group membership
  • Industry and function preference
  • Work authorization
  • Languages spoken
  • Location preference

Resume databases include talent from our Full-Time MBA Program, as well as diverse and experienced talent from our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs and alumni.

Partner with Student Groups

Chicago Booth student groups host conferences, speaker series, mock interviews, lectures, panel discussions, and many other activities that focus on career interests or professional development. Working with these student groups can be a valuable resource to enhance your campus visibility and recruiting efforts. Among the ways your company can get involved is to provide speakers or sponsorship. We encourage you to contact the relevant student group co-chairs to learn more about building relationships through involvement in student group events.

Full-time MBA Student Groups

Corporate Management & Strategy Group

Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Student Groups

Corporate Strategy & Management Group

Road to CEO Conference
- This day-long student group–run conference provides an extensive look at the state-of-the-industry via keynote speakers. Contact the Corporate Management and Strategy Group co-chairs (full-time) for more information about participating as a panelist or attendee.

Experiential Learning

Sponsor a course where students will tackle company projects that focus on strategic thinking, management, and research skills.  Working in teams with executives at major companies, students work on new product development, business strategy, and operational research.  Recent Management Lab teams have also traveled overseas for extended periods of time to manage projects on site.  Learn more about our lab classes and experiential learning.  

Attend or Participate in an Event

Every year, Chicago Booth hosts dozens of events meant to provide educational, social and networking opportunities for Chicago Booth students and alumni.  If you are interested in representing your company at one of these events by being a speaker, sitting on a panel or hosting an event at your office, please email us

Chicago Conversations - Chicago Conversations are just one example of the events hosted around the world. These events provide a rich dialogue among industry leaders thriving in a particular city. Booth corporate partners and the community are invited to hear about industry trends and network with Booth talent.

Corporate Strategy/General Management Panel Discussion - This event, hosted at Gleacher Center in Chicago, consists of panelists from top organizations in the Chicago area who share their career and personal stories. Students have the opportunity to learn about corporate strategy and general management functions, the industry, and the corporate cultures.

Leadership Rotational Programs Panel Discussion - A panel discussion event that focuses on leadership rotational programs. The event hosts a panel of professionals from different companies that share their experiences and insights into leadership rotational programs, followed by a Q&A session with students. A networking session takes place after the Q&A session.

Corporate Sponsorship

Interested in sponsoring a student group event? Please reach out directly to the student group co-chairs. For additional sponsorship activities or more information on how to get your company involved at Booth, please contact Nancy Johnston, Senior Associate Director of Corporate Relations at Chicago Booth.

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