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Our expert relationship managers are knowledgeable about your industry and the current recruiting landscape. They can help you create a recruiting strategy tailored to your specific needs, and guide you through each step of the recruiting process. 

If your company has an established recruiting relationship with Chicago Booth, please contact:

Janice Farrar, Employer Relations, 773.702.9209

If your company is new to recruiting at Booth and would like to learn more, please contact:

Jenna Hess, Employer Relations, 773.702.7738

Industry Statement

Approximately one third of the graduating full time class secured positions in the consulting industry. For more than a decade, consulting has ranked in the top-five functions and industries for which Chicago Booth students seek opportunities. We have fruitful relationships with top management consulting firms, boutique consultancies, as well as with corporations with internal consulting arms.

As an office, we partner with firms to develop individualized recruitment strategies. We recognize there is no one-size-fits-all strategy, which makes our partnership all the more important.

Recruit at Booth

Post a Job

Career Services provides a year-round, free-of-charge job posting service through Global Talent Solutions (GTS), our online recruiting portal. Through GTS, recruiters can view and edit job postings for all Booth candidates, including current students seeking entry-level MBA opportunities, as well as alumni and students in executive MBA programs who are seeking more senior-level opportunities.

Campus Recruiting

Campus recruiting is an efficient and effective way to source candidates for full-time and internship positions.

There are many ways to recruit on campus:

For full-time positions, most recruiting events are held in September and October, with interviews in October and November. Internship recruiting events begin in mid-October, with interviews taking place in late-January and February. We’re also happy to facilitate just-in-time interviews and events outside our peak recruiting periods.

Resume Databases

Chicago Booth has several online, easy-to-search resume databases. You can search the resume databases for a variety of criteria that allow you to find candidates who fit your needs, including:

  • Previous work experience
  • Academic concentrations
  • Student group membership
  • Industry and function preference
  • Work authorization
  • Languages spoken
  • Location preference

Resume databases include talent from our Full-Time MBA Program, as well as diverse and experienced talent from our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA programs and alumni.

Partner with Student Groups

Chicago Booth student groups host conferences, speaker series, mock interviews, lectures, panel discussions, and many other activities that focus on career interests and professional development. Working with these student groups can be a valuable resource to enhance your campus visibility and recruiting efforts.

Among the ways your company can get involved is to provide speakers or sponsorship. We encourage you to contact the relevant student group co-chairs to learn more about building relationships through involvement in student group events. Some of the relevant groups for consulting are:

Full-Time MBA Student Groups

Business Solutions Group

Management Consulting Group (MCG)

Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Student Groups

Booth Consulting Club (BCC)

Student Group Events

Second Year Case Workshop - Helps second-year students in the Management Consulting Group (MCG) practice their case solving and interview preparation skills. Historically, this workshop is attended by more than 100 students who go through an initial case prep overview, and then break into smaller groups for case practice with alumni and professionals in the industry.

Consulting Symposium - Organized by the Booth Consulting Club (BCC), this event provides part-time students with the opportunity to attend three knowledge-sharing sessions presented by industry professionals, as well as the opportunity to engage in networking.

First Year Networking Night - Put on by MCG, this program gives first-year students in the full time program their first opportunity to learn about our sponsored firms and network with their representatives over drinks. This event lets students get an idea of each firm's culture, work style, and what they are looking for from a candidate. Students interested in pursuing an internship in consulting typically attend this event.

First Year Case Workshop - Intended to help first-year full time program students practice their case solving and interview preparation skills, MCG hosts this event. Historically, this workshop is attended by 150 students who go through an initial case prep overview, and then break into smaller groups for case practice with alumni and professionals in the industry.

First Year Consulting Forum - An opportunity for first-year students to learn more about the various aspects of consulting. It is MCG's largest event, typically attended by more than 200 students every year. The event starts with a keynote speaker, then breaks out into smaller panels and seminars. Another keynote speaker at lunch has the opportunity to introduce consulting as a discipline and discuss industry trends from their company's perspective. The forum concludes with a final round of panels.

Experiental Learning

Management Lab

Sponsor a course where students will tackle company projects that focus on strategic thinking, management, and research skills. Working in teams with executives at major companies, students work on new product development, business strategy, and operational research. Recent Management Lab teams have also traveled overseas for extended periods of time to manage projects on site. Learn more about our lab classes and experiential learning.

Attend or Participate in an Event

Every year, Chicago Booth hosts dozens of events meant to provide educational, social, and networking opportunities for students and alumni. Email us if you are interested in representing your company at one of these events as a speaker, panelist, or to host an event at your office.

Chicago Conversations - Chicago Conversations are events around the world with rich dialogue among industry leaders in a particular city. Booth corporate partners and the community are invited to hear about industry trends and network with Booth talent.

Industry Networking Events - With events in London, Hong Kong and Chicago the Chicago Booth Industry Networking Events provide an informal setting for corporate friends, Executive MBA students, and alumni to connect, share knowledge, exchange information, and create relationships around a specific industry.  

Corporate Sponsorship

Interested in sponsoring a student group event? Please reach out directly to the student group co-chairs. For additional sponsorship activities or more information on how to get your company involved at Booth, please contact Nancy Johnston, Senior Associate Director of Corporate Relations.

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