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Katherine Darius, Employer Relations, 1.773.702.7766

Regional Statement

Multinationals and Latin America-based firms seek Chicago Booth talent of all levels for their offices. We grant you access to Booth candidates ranging from first-year student interns to seasoned C-level executives. With a worldwide alumni population of more than 51,000, Booth’s Latin American community spans across all functions and industries, including consulting, financial services, private equity, venture capital, real estate, energy, retail, consumer, entrepreneurship, and general management. Corporate partners include global names such as Bain, McKinsey, Credit Suisse, and Uber as well as regionally based organizations such as Compania de Inversiones Adriatico S.A., Gerbera Capital Asesores S.C., IGNIA Partners LLC, and Tarpon Investimentos.  

Based in Chicago and focused exclusively on supporting the needs of our international employers in Latin America, Mexico, Canada, and a number of industries the United States, Katherine Darius works with each company to develop an effective strategy for finding the right Booth talent, taking into account the legal and cultural considerations and limitations that companies large and small face when they recruit internationally.

Chicago’s Full-Time MBA Program averages about 5 students per class, at least one-third of which is comprised of international students. In addition to our current students in the Full-Time, Evening and Weekend, and Executive MBA programs, we are host to a thriving alumni community in Latin America with alumni residing in 12 countries, along with Mexico.

Chicago Booth is committed to providing our students and alumni access to the opportunities that are the right fit and the same goes for our corporate partners. Our mission is to make it simple for employers to access the Booth candidates that are a perfect match. The resources that we provide to employers and personalized service from our Employer Relations team are designed specifically to this end. Please contact us to learn more about the ways we can work together to support your business needs.

Recruit at Booth

Post a Job

Career Services provides a year-round, free-of-charge job posting service through Global Talent Solutions (GTS), our online recruiting portal. Through GTS recruiters can view and edit job postings for all Booth candidates - current students seeking entry-level MBA opportunities, as well as alumni and students in the executive MBA programs who are seeking more senior level opportunities.

Campus Recruiting

Campus recruiting is an efficient and effective way to source candidates for full-time and internship positions. We have excellent videoconferencing facilities on the Chicago campus so it is possible to conduct nearly all aspects of the international recruiting process virtually for companies with constraints on time/resources.

There are many ways to recruit on campus including attending a multifirm Corporate Networking Night, presenting to and networking with students at a Corporate Conversation, or interviewing students at the Harper Center in Chicago. Our expert Relationship Managers are knowledgeable about your industry, the current recruiting landscape, and the campus, and can help you create a recruiting strategy tailored to your specific needs, guiding you through each step of the recruiting process in tandem with your regional liaison, Katherine Darius.

For full-time positions for the Full-Time Program, most recruiting events are held in the fall, in September and October, with interviews in October and November. Internship recruiting events begin in mid-October, and interviews take place in late January and February. We’re also happy to facilitate just-in-time interviews and events outside our peak recruiting periods.

For the Executive MBA program, please consult with your regional liaison to discuss the appropriate timing for approaching candidates.

Resume Databases

Chicago Booth has several online, easy-to-search CV databases. You can search the CV databases by nearly sixty different criteria that allow you to find candidates who are an exact fit your needs. Such criteria include:

  • Previous work experience
  • Industry and function preference
  • Work authorization 
  • Languages spoken 
  • Citizenship
  • Current residence

Our CV databases include talent from our Full-Time MBA Program, the globally diverse and experienced talent worldwide from our Executive and Evening/Weekend MBA programs, as well as our entire job-seeking Alumni population.

Partner with Student Groups

Chicago Booth student groups host conferences, speaker series, mock interviews, lectures, panel discussions, and many other activities that focus on career interests or professional development. Working with these student groups can be a valuable resource to enhance your campus visibility and recruiting efforts. Among the ways your company can get involved is to provide speakers or sponsorship. We encourage you to contact student group co-chairs to learn more about building relationships through involvement in student group events.

While the Executive MBA programs do not have student groups, in light of the time constraints of the part-time format, we are happy to help you coordinate student outreach and discuss the different options for connecting with this population.

Full-time Student Groups

Latin American Business Group

Emerging Markets Group

Student Conferences

Emerging Markets Summit 

Keynote faculty and corporate speakers share views on opportunities for development among emerging markets. The conference offers terrific opportunities for networking. Contact the Emerging Markets Group for more information.

Attend or Participate in an Event

Chicago Conversations – Chicago Conversations are events around the world with rich dialogue among leaders in a targeted industry thriving in a particular city. Corporate partners of Booth and the community are invited to hear about industry trends and network with Booth talent and peers.

Corporate Sponsorship

Interested in sponsoring a student group event? Please reach out directly to the student group co-chairs. For additional sponsorship activities or more information on how to get your company involved at Booth, please contact Nancy Johnston, Senior Associate Director, Corporate Relations.

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