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A global thought leadership series hosted by Chicago Booth where discussion and debate spark industry insights.

Global Conversations

Global Conversations

We’ve hosted Chicago Conversations events all over the world—from Moscow to Mumbai, San Francisco to Seoul, and Tokyo to New York—for the past nine years.

Industry Experts and Insiders

Industry Experts and Insiders

We engage experts on industry-specific topics in the cities where they thrive, shining a spotlight on key issues in fields from marketing, to entrepreneurship, to biotechnology. Every year, each one of our events is held in a different city with a different focus.

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Past Event Topics Include

Chicago Conversations New York

New York

Nonfiction Storytelling: Defining Your Brand in the Age of the Emotional Consumer

The all-Chicago Booth alumni panel featured panelists with deep expertise in B2B, word of mouth, retail, and nonprofit marketing. They discussed how to craft effective stories that relate to global, informed, emotional consumers and how to leverage the right platforms in telling these stories.

Chicago Conversations London


Entrepreneurship in FinTech

Chicago Booth’s Waverly Deutsch, clinical professor of entrepreneurship, moderated the lively debate between industry superstars as they discussed topics including FinTech disruption in the banking industry, London’s success and innovation in the financial services industry, Bitcoin, and how panelists financed their own start-ups.

Chicago Conversations Boston


Investing in Biotechnology Entrepreneurship

The panel of venture capitalists and bioentrepreneurs bolstered personal experience with data-based evidence to address targeted questions including: What does it take to create a bio-tech hub like Boston? What are biotech investors are looking for in new ventures? Who is at fault for rising healthcare costs?

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