Campaign Priorities

Through the campaign, we will accelerate our discovery of the next set of pathbreaking ideas in business and produce leaders who will implement these ideas and transform the world. We will broaden our reach, expand offerings, and leverage strengths.

Chicago Booth's campaign priorities are as follows.

  • Get Involved with AdmissionsStrengthen and broaden the intellectual footprint of the school by supporting faculty.

    At Chicago Booth, the complex dynamics of markets, businesses, and organizations across disciplinary boundaries are our domain. Our position: this is, in fact, a science. We can actively expand our understanding of how the world works and how to change it. This means investing in those at the forefront of knowledge creation—faculty—in our historic areas of strength and in critical fields that deserve
    the Chicago Approach. Explore »
  • Get Involved with studentsSupport and leverage impact and influence by investing in centers and initiatives.

    We value ideas that bear up under rigorous testing because the world—our proper sphere of influence—puts those ideas to use. Booth’s centers and initiatives are a crucial means of leveraging scale and equipping leaders to act purposefully. And an intensified focus on disseminating intellectual capital will also amplify Booth’s influence. Explore »
  • Get Involved with Alumni Match the expanding scope of student aspirations by offering new programs and promoting curricular innovation.

    Momentum accelerates when we let aspiration, not resources, drive accomplishment. The expanding range of Booth students’ goals and interests requires curricular innovation in both content and form, including experiential learning and courses on emerging topics. Booth also needs to experiment with evolving technologies and pedagogical models. Explore »
  • Get Involved with AlumniAttract an even broader pool of future leaders via scholarship support and global programs.

    In today's competitive climate, scholarships must be deployed strategically in attracting future leaders most likely to thrive in Chicago Booth’s programs. The Chicago Booth campus at the University of Chicago Center in Hong Kong, a permanent campus, and other investments in global programs help ensure that wherever long-term potential is high, Booth is there. Explore »
  • Get Involved with AlumniBetter leverage and support our alumni, fostering leaders who can and do have transformative impact on the world.

    Beyond graduation, alumni advance Chicago Booth’s reputation through their innovative and entrepreneurial efforts; by doing more to foster connections and unleash their true potential, we advance our shared goal of transforming the world. Explore »
  • Get Involved with AlumniInvest in the Annual Fund to ensure that we have the flexibility to pursue new ideas and opportunities as they are presented.

    Annual Fund gifts provide Chicago Booth with the opportunity to direct our financial resources to where they are most needed and will have the greatest impact. This unrestricted support promotes the value of Booth’s approach to business, maintains important programs, and seeds the new ideas that lie at the very core of our culture. Explore »