The Global Financial Crisis

John Cochrane and Luigi Zingales Opinion Spotlight

The Euro in Crisis

By John H. Cochrane, Roger Myerson, and Luigi Zingales

Issue 69 - March 12, 2010 - The recent decision by European governments to bail out Greece has raised questions about the viability of the single currency area in Europe. Professors John Cochrane, Roger Myerson, and Luigi Zingales will discuss the bailout decision, the foundations of the euro area, and its future. Professor Anil Kashyap moderates the panel.
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Voices of Chicago Booth

Voice of Chicago Booth
at Heart of Economic Debate

Questions about the true gravity of the global financial crisis and the implications of the government's actions - both taken and proposed - have been the topic of much debate. Searching for answers, media sources from around the world have looked to members of the Chicago Booth faculty for an explanation of the latest developments on Wall Street.

 Ball - Leuz | Mian - Zingales 

Ray Ball
Sidney Davidson Professor of Accounting
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Brian Barry
Clinical Associate Professor of Economics
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Randall Kroszner
Norman R. Bobins Professor of Economics
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Christian Leuz
Joseph Sondheimer Professor of International Economics, Finance, and Accounting
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Atif Mian
Associate Professor of Finance
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Joseph D. Rauh
Associate Professor of Finance and the Charles M. Harper Faculty
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Richard H. Thaler
Ralph and Dorothy Keller Distinguished Service Professor of Behavioral Science and Economics
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Francisco Trebbi
Assistant Professor of Economics
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