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February 26, 2014


Getting Your Life Back Post-Recruiting

By: Linda Yan '15  |  february, 2014

As January eased into February, and as February will no doubt ease into Spring Break, I'm starting to get my life back. That stranger in the mirror is a very nice person and a whiz at "generating actionable decisions from considerable external uncertainty" but I'm looking forward to feeling like myself again. Here's how.

Everything at Booth is a Competition – Even Waiting in Line

By: Tyler Kearn '15  |  february, 2014

It was 11:10, I was standing at the back of a line over 30 people long, the tickets were not going to go on sale until noon, and I didn’t even know if we were lined up in the right place.

How to Talk About Recruiting with Classmates

By: YaoYao Wang '15  |  february, 2014

How to Talk About Recruiting with Classmates

Academy Awards and Oscar Economics

By: Nathanel Mori '15  |  february, 2014

It is rare when competition over the Best Picture award is as tight as it is this year. It has been half a decade since the Academy expanded the Best Picture nominee list from five candidates to almost ten, in the interest of increasing the ceremony’s declining TV ratings. Yet the ultimate winners are usually still very easy to predict. This year, however, it is hard to figure how the academy will weigh 12 Years a Slave vs. Gravity. Each a masterpiece in its own right, the two films represent a difficult choice for the judges, one that will be (at last) interesting to watch as it unfolds live on our TV sets this coming Sunday.