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October 7, 2013

Archives >> October 21, 2013 >> Perspective

Choices, choices, choices

By: Linnea N. Meyer '14  |  october, 2013

Evidence from behavioral science suggests that our instinct to increase our options and delay our commitments may be a bit off. We may, in fact, be better off simplifying, narrowing and committing earlier to our choices.

Economic Update

By: Brendan Circle '14 and Heidi Zhang '14  |  october, 2013

While quite a bit has happened in the global markets since we broke for summer, the one topic that spanned the summer was the focus on the Federal Reserve tapering their Asset Purchase Program.

Navigating Coffee Chats

By: Christina Hildreth Anderson '14  |  october, 2013

Corporate Conversations and Meet-n-Greets begin for first-years on Oct. 21, around the same time that you may want to begin scheduling coffee chats with people in your network. Before then, utilize this information when talking with your classmates and second-years!

Simplification of the U.S. Tax Code: A Growth Opportunity

By: Eric Tawney '14 (Harris School of Public Policy)  |  october, 2013

As a result of the current tax code, businesses and individuals spend billions of dollars per year on products and services such as tax software and accounting and legal professionals to help determine tax liability, resulting in deadweight loss for the economy.