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May 13, 2013

Archives >> May 27, 2013 >> Perspective

Economic Update

By: Georgi Popov '13  |  may, 2013

Last week was great for equities. The Dow closed at 14,973 on May 3, while the S&P500 finished that week at 1,614.42, or 13.2% higher since the beginning the year.

Is There No One to Blame?

By: Astitva Chopra '14  |  may, 2013

On April 18, I attended a talk by Sean Berkowitz, a visiting attorney from the Department of Justice who specializes in prosecuting white-collar crime. The talk was a revelation as to why no one has been prosecuted in the aftermath of the crisis.

Three Simple Tips to Help You During Your Internship

By: Federico Gonzalez, Second-Year Career Advisor  |  may, 2013

Being prepared is half the battle. Just as you prepared for countless informational conversations, coffee chats, networking events and interviews by collecting as much information as possible about industries and firms, now you want to prepare to succeed during your internship by following the same strategy.

To Mimic or Not to Mimic, That is the Question

By: Linnea N. Meyer '14  |  may, 2013

To mimic or not to mimic? That is the question, and not just on stage but in real-life. Mimicry is a tricky tool; sometimes you should do as the Romans do and other times the opposite. How to tell? Psychology provides some clues.