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February 26, 2013

Archives >> March 11, 2013 >> Perspective

Economic Update

By: Georgi Popov '13  |  february, 2013

The S&P500 index has gained 6.6% since the beginning of the year, boosting cash flows into stock mutual funds to their highest levels in more than a decade.

Move Over Data: Booth’s got a new tool in town

By: Linnea Meyer ‘14  |  february, 2013

Call me heretical, but I think data needs to share the spotlight. If data is king, it has a queen: repetition.

Plan D

By: Freddy Elorza '14  |  february, 2013

According to Career Services, close to 55 percent of the first-year class will land internships from off-campus recruiting.

The Post-MBA Career Marathon

By: Shivam Srivastava, Second-Year Career Advisor  |  february, 2013

The toughest realization for me during B-school has been that building a career is truly like running a marathon; it’s not about sprinting to land the best internship.

The Purpose of Business

By: CB, JBSA and LDSSA student groups  |  february, 2013

This is one of a series of articles written with the intention to increase the dialogue on campus regarding the role of business in society and our duties as future leaders.