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December 2, 2013

Archives >> January 15, 2014 >> Perspective

A User’s Guide to ‘Yes, And’

By: Linnea Meyer Gandhi '14  |  december, 2013

“Yes, and.” At this point, most of you know this simple improv-theater phrase, whether through pop culture, drama classes or at least the games at LOR. Many may even be convinced of its power to improve your professional and personal lives, when appropriately applied…but do you actually know how?

Economic Update

By: Brendan Circle '14 & Heidi Zhang '14  |  december, 2013

The S&P 500 continues its torrid pace for 2013, ending the week of Nov. 18 up 26 percent for the year.

How to Make Network-Based Recruiting Work for You

By: Sam Kwei '14  |  december, 2013

I am sure many first-years are anxious about recruiting, but there is nothing to worry about as long as you have performed solid research and preparation. Here are some tips on how you can make the most to ensure your recruiting efforts shine!

An End and a Beginning

By: ChiBus Staff  |  december, 2013

Not only is this the last Chicago Business edition of 2013, but it is also the final paper for the current editorial team. Fifteen issues and more than 170 articles later, we feel that we’ve made a mark.