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January 15, 2014

Preparing for Interview Season

By Lauren Silva ‘14  |  january, 2014, Issue 1

wInterview this past Saturday officially kicked off the 2014 interview season; with many of the First Year interviews only two weeks away, we suggest you utilize the following tips and tricks of the trade provided by second years, Career Advisors, and Career Coaches.


Hopefully you have already started the first step of researching the function-specific questions you're likely to get asked. Additional resources for this include:

● Interview materials that your professional student group has recommended (consulting case books, Wall Street guides, Vault guides, etc.)

● Career Advisors have put together a comprehensive list of function-specific questions. Get familiar with the FAQs on the Career Services website under the "Interviews" tab.

Pro Tip: Don't forget to prepare a set of questions to ask in each interview. Be thoughtful and demonstrate your knowledge of the company, its people, and the role you're interviewing for. Any question that better informs your decision about whether the company is right for you is a good start!

If you didn't have the chance to attend wInterview, there are several other opportunities to practice your technique:

● Informal mock interviews with your peers and second years offer preliminary practice. Use these as more of a learning opportunity, with ITP being more of a final exam

● Interview Training Program (ITP) mock interviews are next week! Be sure to sign up to interview with trained second year Interview Advisors representing the companies you'll be interviewing with, as they have company-specific formats for you to practice.

InterviewStream is another resource to conduct a 30-minute mock interview either from home or from a kiosk in the Harper or Gleacher Center. You can learn more information on the Career Services "Interviews" tab.

● Pro Tip: Think like an interviewer and ask yourself, "What are the weaknesses in my candidacy?" Focus on improving responses that would alleviate those concerns for your interviewer – remember your gap assessment!

Sanity Check

Interview preparation can be overwhelming (I know, I've been there!), but here are a few ways to reduce some of the stress:

● Keep up healthy eating habits and get some sleep!

● Although Chiberia is helping you out by offering a great incentive to stay indoors and practice your interview responses, try to get some fresh air and exercise to clear your head once in a while.

● Pro Tip: Most of the interviewers were in your shoes at some point, some very recently, and will give you a little slack for nerves and stress.

Common Interview Blunders

You're not the only happens every year!

● If you get something wrong or you're not confident in your answer, write down the question after and make sure you practice a new or improved answer.

● Ask your peers for tricky questions that stumped them, and repeat using the point above.

● Pro Tip: Don't forget that a clean-pressed suit, something to write on (and with!), and a smile go a long way.

Last Updated 1/14/14
Last Updated 1/14/14